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Join the Wall Street Mastermind Team


At Wall Street Mastermind, we are on a mission to help students from all backgrounds break into investment banking — in the process setting them up for the best possible career trajectory. We help students secure job offers from the top investment banks in the world — these are some of the highest paying jobs out there that also come with amazing exit opportunities, but that's why they are also some of the hardest jobs to get. We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help change these students' lives.

The client success director communicates with students to understand their goals and provides feedback and mentoring throughout the entirety of the recruiting process. This person also helps our students navigate through our program in the most efficient and effective way possible. Prior investment banking experience required.  

The interview coach provides written feedback to our students' interview answers, and also help with conducting mock interviews. Prior investment banking experience required.

The resume coach helps edit the students' resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile. Prior investment banking experience required.

Business development interns will help us come up with new ways to reach students on different campuses through different channels and partnerships.

The social media intern tracks analytics for social media campaigns and actively suggests and creates content to generate user engagement.

The SEO intern conducts research, tracks metrics such as organic traffic, and monitors and reports on search trends and SEO performance.