Student Interviews

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Bradley (Dartmouth)
Got Every Elite Boutique and Bulge Bracket Offer He Applied For

Our client Bradley is a rising junior who has already secured offers from banks like Perella Weinberg, Citi, and Evercore. As of this interview, he’s also been fast-tracked to superday interviews with Goldman Sachs (update: got the offer). Hear him talk about how he went from a bioengineering major who knew very little, to securing offers from every bank he’s applied to so far (100% offer rate).

Will (USC)
From Low-Income Student to Centerview, the Most Selective Bank on Wall Street

Our client Will comes from a low-income family, and had to take out loans and work part-time just to go to USC. Despite WSMM being a major financial investment for him, he did what most in his position would be too scared to do and invested in himself. Within 4 months, he had secured 3 job offers. He will be going to Centerview (annual class size <20). Hear him talk about how it feels to completely change not only his own life, but that of his family's.

Sinan (Wharton)
4 Offers (Including 3 BB’s) as an International Student

Our client Sinan is an international student from Turkey who recently secured 4 summer internship offers, include 3 from top-tier bulge bracket banks. We all know that the bar for hiring is much higher when you need visa sponsorship from the banks; hear Sinan talk about how he was able to overcome this challenge, land his dream job, and make his parents proud.

Jenn (Wellesley)
From No Finance Experience to a PJT Partners Offer in Just 3.5 Months

Our client Jenn secured her junior summer offer from PJT Partners by April of sophomore year. Hear how she went from being someone with no finance experience and didn’t know how to get her foot in the door, to getting offers for sophomore summer internships with two global banks, followed by her junior summer internship offer at PJT Partners – all within just 3.5 months of joining WSMM.

Luke (Santa Clara)
Evercore Offer From a Non-Target That Only Sends Two Grads Into IB Each Year

Our client Luke received a junior summer internship offer from Evercore. He attends a non-target school where just two students graduate into investment banking each year. Hear him talk about how he overcame this obstacle of coming from a non-target school to get an interview from every bank he applied to, before eventually breaking into one of the top elite boutiques on Wall Street.

Daniel (Minnesota)
Passed on Working w/ WSMM Before Coming Back Just in Time to Win Offer

Our client Daniel first spoke to us early on during sophomore year, but wasn’t ready to commit to our program. About a year later, he came back to get our help after struggling to secure any offers on his own. Despite not having a lot of time, we helped him land an offer at one of the top niche-specific banks, where he beat out 200+ other candidates. Hear him talk about his comeback story.

Andy (Chicago)
Confidently Turned Down Private Equity Offer and Ended Up With Goldman Sachs

Our client Andy had all the typical resources at his disposal (interview guides, finance clubs, etc.). He joined WSMM after realizing how those resources weren't enough to stand out. Hear him talk about how WSMM helped him secure interviews with almost every bank he applied to, get multiple superdays, and even confidently turn down a private equity offer before eventually getting an offer at Goldman Sachs.

Julien (Washington)
Only Student From His Non-Target School to Get an Offer From JPMorgan

Our client Julien came to us as a rising junior from a non-target school who was struggling with recruiting on his own. Despite having spent 80-100 hours studying for interviews on his own, he completely failed his first technical interview with RBC. Hear what he did to transform himself as a candidate and end up as the only person to get into JPMorgan for investment banking from his school.

Jared (Brandeis)
Landed Jefferies by Networking With 350 Bankers Despite Having Few Alumni

Our client Jared is from a small non-target liberal arts school that has barely sent any alumni to Wall Street in recent years. Despite these odds, Jared learned how to network from WSMM and ended up speaking with 350 bankers during his recruiting process. Hear how he was able to get selected for interviews with 10 firms, move on to multiple superdays, and eventually secure an offer from Jefferies.

Kevin (Tufts)
Advanced to 7 Superdays and Received 6 Offers Before Accepting BofA Offer

Our client Kevin comes from a liberal arts school and didn't have any friends or family who knew about finance. Hear him talk about the one email template we gave him that got him compliments from investment bankers and allowed him to network with multiple senior bankers. Also hear how he went through seven interviews within a 4-week period and got six offers before accepting Bank of America.

Jared (Dartmouth)
Received 15 Interviews and Passed on His Citi Offer to Accept Bain Capital

Our client Jared started working with WSMM during his sophomore spring. His original approach of reading interview guides from upperclassmen wasn't clicking for him, so he decided to get help. Hear him talk about how he was able to secure 15 different interviews (with over half of them that barely asked any questions from the popular guides), and why he ultimately chose Bain Capital over Citi.

Bryant (Chicago)
Int'l Student Who Received Both Evercore NYC and Morgan Stanley HK Offers

Our client Bryant was an international student from Korea who became interested in banking after serving his military duty. Hear him explain why the help he got from WSMM was more useful than the advice he received from upperclassmen. We also discussed the difference in IB recruiting between the US and Asia, given he got offers from both Evercore NYC and Morgan Stanley Hong Kong.

Justin (Lehigh)
Broke Into a Leading Healthcare Investment Bank From Non-Target School

Our client Justin used to get recruiting advice from alumni. Until one day, a banker read his cover letter and told him he should be able to get an interview... only for him to get rejected 3 days later. That's when he realized bankers were giving him superficial advice at best. Hear how he overcame his mom's skepticism to join WSMM, and what she said to him when he got into a leading healthcare investment bank.

Jerry (Berkeley)
Int'l Student With 3.3 GPA Who Broke Into Top Middle Market Bank During COVID-19

Our client Jerry was an international student with a 3.3 GPA who decided to recruit for investment banking pretty late in the recruiting process. We helped him get two offers but one got rescinded for sponsorship reasons, causing him to delay graduation to recruit again. Hear how he ultimately got an offer from one of the top middle market banks despite reduced visa sponsorships during COVID-19.

Vivian (Maryland)
Non-Target Student Who Secured Sophomore Internship With BofA

Our client Vivian joined WSMM during her freshman summer, after struggling to formulate her behavioral answers and learn the technical concepts on her own. Coming from a non-target school, she knew that she had to get a head start if she wanted to break into investment banking. Hear her talk about what WSMM did to help her break into Bank of America's sophomore investment banking summer internship.

Kyle (Duke)
3 Offers (2 BB’s and 1 MM) to Follow in His Dad’s Footsteps

Our client Kyle was a rising junior and the son of a long-time investment banker and private equity investor. Ever since he was young, he’s wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Hear him explain why he decided to get help from Wall Street Mastermind despite already having his dad in his corner, as well as how he ended up with three different offers from top tier banks to choose from.

Dylan (Chicago)
Got a Bulge Bracket Offer Despite a 3.4 GPA and Late Start

Our client Dylan recently received a bulge bracket summer internship offer despite completely missing the accelerated recruiting timeline and only having a 3.4 GPA. Hear Dylan talk about his recruiting process and how he was able to turn it around and get an amazing outcome in the end. He also gives his advice to those of you who are still recruiting. Make sure you check this interview out!

Rahul (Virginia)
From Small Regional Boutique Intern to 2 Top-Tier Middle Market Offers

Our client Rahul was caught off guard by the accelerated summer internship recruiting process but secured a small regional boutique offer. Not satisfied, he came to us for help with the full-time recruiting process, which was going to be even harder given the number of jobs available. He gives a ton of advice on what he did to end up with a much better offer, so make sure you check it out.

David (Berkeley)
Skipped Interviews with BB’s and EB’s to Go Straight to Buyside

Our client David just finished sophomore year and recently accepted an offer at a $2Bn growth equity firm for his junior summer. He dropped out of processes with top banks like Goldman TMT, MS Tech, Moelis LA, Qatalyst, and PWP, just to name a few… Despite having some resources already, hear him talk about why he still wanted my help, and how this allowed him to get an outcome that most people can only dream of.

Nishant (Urbana Champaign)
Bulge Bracket Offer as Non-Target, International Student

Our client Nishant is an international student from Dubai who secured his summer internship offer from a bulge bracket bank. As someone coming from a non-target school without a whole lot of finance experience, hear Nishant discuss the importance of not being content with the status quo, why you can never have too much help, and how he stacked the odds in his favor to maximize his chances, and ultimately got the job.

Victor (Florida State)
1 of 5 Students Out of 8,250+ in His Class to Get Into I-Banking

Our client Victor is one of the most committed clients we’ve ever had. He landed a junior summer internship from a non-target state school that only places 4-5 students into investment banking each year (out of 8,250+). And he did all of this without having a ton of relevant finance experience. Hear him talk about how he did this despite the odds being stacked against him, and how we helped him accomplish his dream.

Nathan (Berkeley)
Secured Elite Boutique Offer Without Using Any On-Campus Resources

Our client Nathan realized during sophomore summer that he needed more recruiting help. Originally, he thought he could just DIY, which led him to not join any business clubs on campus. After a lot of time surfing Google and WSO, he realized he couldn't find everything he needed and that recruiting felt like a black box. Hear how having a one-stop-shop with WSMM helped him secure an elite boutique offer.

Shawn (Columbia)
Int'l Student With 3.2 GPA Who Overcame the Odds to Secure Three Offers

Our client Shawn was a sophomore international student with a 3.2 GPA when he joined our program. Hear his advice on how to recruit effectively as an international student when the bar is higher due to the need of a visa sponsorship. Also hear how he was able to get not just one, but three different internship offers despite the odds being seemingly stacked against him.

Jason (Northeastern)
Passed on WSMM, Then Came Back and Got a PE Megafund From a Non-Target

Our client Jason is a non-target student who passed on WSMM initially, because he knew people who had gotten into banking on their own. After getting only two interviews and no offers from numerous applications, he came back and joined WSMM. He quickly started getting more interviews. Not only that, he achieved a rare feat - going from a non-target school directly to a private equity megafund.

Megan (Brandeis)
From International Student at Non-Target Liberal Arts School to JPMorgan

Our client Megan is an international student who didn’t start learning English until 9th grade. Attending a small non-target liberal arts school, she had very few alumni on Wall Street to reach out to, and little to no relevant resources on campus. Despite all of these obstacles, hear her talk about how she was able to land superdays with both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, before ultimately accepting an offer with the latter.

Steve (Dartmouth)
From Failing Multiple Superdays to Landing the Perfect Offer

Our client Steve came to us at the beginning of junior year, after having failed a couple of superday interviews on his own. He was referred to us by our client Bradley after seeing how much better Bradley did during with recruiting. Despite coming to us quite late for help, hear Steve talk about how he was ultimately able to secure a middle market offer that ended up being a phenomenal fit with his background.

Tristan (Virginia Military Institute)
From Non-Target, 3.0 GPA and Already Graduated to Middle Market Offer

Our client Tristan came to us in July, AFTER he had already graduated from college. To make matters worse, he had just a 3.0 GPA, from a non-target school. His mom thought our program was a scam, but he trusted his gut and did it anyway. By October, he had a full-time investment banking offer from a middle market bank. Hear him talk about how he overcame seemingly impossible odds.

Dean (Lehigh)
Learned All of His Technicals in Just 1 Week to Land an Offer

Our client Dean was able to secure a summer analyst offer despite going to a non-target school and not having any relevant finance experience. What’s even more impressive is that he learned all of his technicals in just one week (yes, with our help). Hear Dean talk about how he was able to “bankify” his story and shorten his preparation time to still be successful despite the accelerated recruiting timeline.

Edgar (Berkeley)
Breaking Into Investment Banking From Corporate Banking

Our client Edgar recently received an offer from an upper middle market investment bank despite missing the accelerated recruiting timeline during sophomore year, only having a 3.4 GPA, and eventually having to work in corporate banking for his summer internship first. Hear Edgar talk about his journey and how he was able to pull this off against the odds. Make sure you check this interview out to hear Edgar’s advice!

Zack (Dartmouth)
From 2 Interviews Out of 20+ Apps to Getting Over 40 Interviews

Our client Zack came to us during April of sophomore year after seeing how much more success his friend Bradley was having with recruiting thanks to our help. He went from getting just 2 interviews out of his first 20+ applications before WSMM, to getting 40+ interviews after joining WSMM. Hear him talk about how he eventually ended up with three different offers for his junior summer internship.

Zeb (NYU)
From 0 for 20 on Apps to 7 Interviews and Middle Market Offer

Our client Zeb attends NYU, but in the College of Arts and Sciences, which is a non-target, unlike Stern. Prior to joining Wall Street Mastermind, he had applied to ~20 firms and gotten zero interviews. After working with us, he got interviews from 7 different firms, before eventually accepting an offer from his top middle-market bank. Hear him talk about what enabled him to make such a huge turnaround!

George (Harvard)
Late Pivot From Consulting to I-Banking and Still Landed Bulge Bracket Offer

Our client George originally wanted to get into consulting before switching to investment banking. With no relevant experience, he tried his best to recruit. Things were looking bleak… until he found Wall Street Mastermind in July. Fast forward two months, George has secured an offer from Barclays just a month into his junior year. Hear him talk about the difference between information and transformation.

Jon (Lehigh)
Breaking Into Investment Banking From a Non-Target School

Our client Jon is actually Dean’s roommate at best friend, and he loved his experience with WSMM so much that he referred Dean to us and helped him get a job too! Hear Jon talks about his experience of trying to recruit from a non-target school, and how he was able to come out on top in the end. Definitely give this one a listen to hear his advice on navigating the investment banking recruiting process!

Sriman (Berkeley)
From 3.5 GPA and No Networking or Technical Knowledge to IB

Our client Sriman recently received an offer from an upper middle market investment bank despite only having a 3.5 GPA and not knowing how to network or answer technical questions initially. Hear Sriman talk about how he was able to improve his resume, networking, technical knowledge, and behavioral interviewing skills all at once. You do not want to miss Sriman’s advice!

Travis (Texas A&M)
CC Transfer, 3.3 GPA and Started Recruiting 3 Months Before Graduating

Our client Travis came to us in late February of senior year, three months before graduation. He was a community college transfer at a non-target school, did not have a junior summer internship or much relevant internship experience, and only had a 3.3 GPA. Hear him talk about how he overcame all of these obstacles to break into a local boutique investment bank.

Grant (Georgia Tech)
From Non-Target, Late Start, and No Finance Internships to Middle Market IB

Our client Grant came to us during the summer before junior year, shortly after he discovered investment banking. He attended a non-target school, knew very little about banking, and had no finance internships under his belt. In just four months, he had landed a junior summer internship offer from a middle-market bank. Hear him talk about how he was able to accelerate his process and get such an amazing outcome.

Harrison (Rutgers)
Spent Less Than 5 Hour of His Free Time Studying For Technical Interviews

Our client Harrison joined WSMM halfway through his sophomore year in order to get a clear roadmap on maximizing his chances of breaking into investment banking from a non-target school. The biggest thing he wanted was efficiency in his preparation process, and that's what he got. Hear how he was able to spend no more than 5 hours of free time studying technicals, and still got multiple internship offers.

Sandalina (Berkeley)
Community College Transfer Who Proved Doubters Wrong and Broke Into IB

Our client Sandalina was a community college transfer who wanted to break into investment banking. Despite many people telling her that it would be impossible, it wasn't her personality to give up easily. Hear how she learned what she needed from WSMM in the shortest amount of time possible, and ultimately became one of four students to receive an offer from her bank out of over 400 applicants.

Glen (Amherst)
From 0 Interviews in 50 Applications, to 6 Interviews and 2 Offers in 4 Months

Our client Glen came to WSMM during his sophomore summer, after submitting around 50 applications with no success. He was frustrated but didn't know what he was doing wrong, and wanted an outside perspective on what to fix. Hear how we supported him through the rest of the recruiting process, helping him land interviews with six firms, including three superdays and ultimately two offers.

Nathan (NYU)
Overcame Skepticism About WSMM to Secure Sponsorship for Internship

Our client Nathan joined halfway through sophomore year as an international student. Despite having someone who had never used WSMM warning him that the program was a total scam, he did his own research and decided to take the plunge. Hear the difference WSMM made for him and how we helped him secure a banking internship despite a significant reduction in visa sponsorships during COVID-19.

Dominique (U of Houston)
Landed Top Oil & Gas Group as 1 of Just 3 From Her Non-Target School to Get IB

Our client Dominique joined WSMM at the beginning of junior year. Despite already being a part of another career mentoring program (SEO), she found WSMM's program to be much more helpful. Hear her talk about how she was able to become one of only three students from her non-target school to break into investment banking, and how she did it without the help of any friends or family in investment banking.

Mike (Bowdoin)
Got Jefferies Offer Despite Being Graduated, 3.2 GPA, and No Experience

Our client Mike joined WSMM in July after graduating from college. Despite being already graduated, only having a 3.2 GPA, and no relevant internship experiences on his resume, he went to work using the system WSMM taught him. After three months of an excruciating grind, he came out of the other side with an offer from Jefferies. Hear how he was able to defy the odds and get such an amazing outcome.

David (Northeastern)
Joined May of Senior Year and Got 2 Offers at the Very Last Minute

Our client David discovered WSMM junior year, but initially thought it was a scam and decided to recruit on his own. After eight months, David got five interviews and no offers. He finally joined WSMM a month before graduating, and in just two months, made it to three superdays and got two offers. Hear him talk about how he was able to turn it around so quickly and land his dream job despite his late start.

Alex (RIT)
Went From Middle Office Junior Summer Internship to Private Equity Full-time Offer

Our client Alex came to us from a non-target school during senior year, after failing to secure a junior summer internship in investment banking and working in a middle office role. After we helped him improve his interviewing skills, he went on to secure a full-time offer from a private equity firm. Hear him talk about the challenges he had to overcome along the way, and how you can do the same too.

Justin (Michigan)
Got 2 Full-time Offers Despite Not Getting a Return Offer From Summer Internship

Our client Justin joined WSMM after not getting a return full-time offer at the end of his junior summer internship. He knew how much more difficult full-time recruiting was going to be, and how efficient he had to be if he wanted to secure one of the few jobs that were left. Hear him talk about how WSMM helped him prep for his interviews much more efficiently, and ultimately helped him secure two full-time offers.

Takashi (Cornell)
Came In With Zero Background in Finance and Secured BofA Tokyo Offer

Our client Takashi is someone who didn't have any background, resources, or information in investment banking. Despite this, he leveraged Wall Street Mastermind's help to secure an investment banking offer from Bank of America in the Tokyo office. Hear him talk about the difference between recruiting in the US and Asia, and why WSMM's program can help you no matter which office you recruit for.

Nathaniel (Notre Dame)
Went From No Finance Internship on His Resume to a Growth Equity Offer

Our client Nathaniel was a transfer student who didn't know about investment banking until late sophomore year. Knowing he was being the curve, he decided to get 1:1 help from WSMM. Within his first month, he immediately secured an internship at a small private equity firm to boost his resume. Hear how he eventually leveraged that to break into growth equity directly without doing investment banking first.

Evan (Wharton)
Passed on WSMM at First, But Came Back 2 Months Later to Land MM Offers

Our client Evan found WSMM during August of junior year, but felt confident that he'd recruit successfully on his own. After getting numerous 1st round interviews and not advancing to any superdays, he came back to WSMM two months later. In the end, we helped him get multiple offers from middle market banks. Hear why he thinks starting WSMM earlier would have gotten him an even better outcome.

Michael (Vanderbilt)
Delayed Graduation and Got Into Investment Banking on His 2nd Try

Our client Michael was originally unsuccessful with recruiting due to his average GPA, semi-target school, and a complicated story. We helped him come up with a creative strategy to have a second shot at recruiting, and guided him through the application, networking, and interviewing process. Hear him talk about his roller-coaster recruiting process and how he ultimately was able to secure an offer from Jefferies.

Brandon (Miami)
From Big 4 Audit to Investment Banking and 2x’ing His Salary

Our client Brandon is living proof that it’s possible to break into investment banking after college without getting an MBA. He landed two offers from boutique investment banks after less than a year at a Big 4 accounting firm. Not only did he leave a job that was making him completely miserable, he also doubled his salary! Hear him talk about how he was able to take a non-traditional path into investment banking.

Paolo (USC Marshall MBA)
From IB Reject at Non-Target Undergrad to Redemption as MBA

Our client Paolo is a perfect story of perseverance and resilience. After trying to recruit for investment banking unsuccessfully from a non-target school back in college, he went back to business school to reapply for summer associate positions. After not seeing much success initially, hear him talk about how WSMM helped him turn it around just in time before the recruiting cycle ended.

Krish (Carnegie Mellon)
Successfully Lateraled From Sales and Trading Into Investment Banking

Our client Krish came to us as a junior trader/desk analyst on the leveraged loan desk at Cantor Fitzgerald. He wanted to switch from sales and trading to investment banking, and wanted our help with the technical interview process. Hear him talk about why he chose to get our coaching, and why that was more effective than the interview guides and financial modeling courses he was using.

Sam (UCLA)
Int'l Student Overcame Language Barrier to Secure Internship During COVID-19

Our client Sam is an international student who had to learn English as his second language. Not only did it make it more difficult for him to connect with bankers during networking conversations, he also had to recruit in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear him talk about how was still able to secure an internship from the TMT group of a middle market bank despite having the odds stacked against him.

Paul (University of Central Florida)
Lateraled From Big 4 Audit to Investment Banking During COVID-19 Pandemic

Our client Paul didn't know he wanted to do investment banking under after he graduated from college. After spending 2 years as an auditor at a Big 4 firm, he finally got the help he needed to pursue his dream career. Not only did make the switch successfully, but he did it all during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear how he was able to overcome the odds to accomplish this.