Late Start During Senior Year Student Interviews

Check out how these students were able to break into banking despite not starting their recruiting processes until senior year, during the even more competitive full-time recruiting process

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Jason (Brown)

Lateraled From Middle Market Summer Internship to Elite Boutique For Full Time

Our student Jason didn't realize he wanted to do IB until the summer before junior year. After interviewing with 10-11 banks, he ended up getting just one middle market offer for his junior summer internship. Not satisfied, he decided to enroll in WSMM to take his interviewing skills to the next level in preparation for full-time recruiting, ultimately securing an elite boutique offer from just the second firm he interviewed with.

Simarleen (UT Austin)

Secured a Full Time Offer From Jefferies Despite No Return Offer From Truist

Our student Simarleen interned at Truist during both her sophomore and junior summer. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive a return offer because of COVID-19. Recruiting for a full-time offer is harder than getting a summer internship because there are way fewer spots. Recruiting without a return offer makes it even harder, since banks will question why you didn’t get an offer. Hear how Simarleen turned herself around and got an offer from an even better bank.

Alex (RIT)

Landed a Job, Lost It Due to COVID-19, Then Got an Even Better Offer

Our student Alex originally came to us as a senior from a non-target after failing to secure an investment banking summer internship. We helped him go from a middle office internship to a full-time middle market private equity offer, which was an amazing outcome. However, his offer got rescinded when COVID-19 hit. Hear how Alex used WSMM to recruit for a second time, and this time around ended up with an even better full-time offer from Jefferies.

Maahin (Trinity College)

Broke Into IB During Full-time Recruiting Without an IB Summer Internship

Our student Maahin attends a small non-target school and didn't learn about IB until late sophomore year. Caught off guard by how quickly IB recruiting happens, he failed to secure a single interview despite putting in 5-6 months of work on his own. He came to WSMM during his junior summer while working a non-IB internship, and with our help secured a full-time offer from the leading cannabis IB team on Wall Street.

Pavan (Case Western)

From Masters Candidate at a Non-Target School to a Guggenheim Offer

Our student Pavan studied at a small non-target school called Case Western. He realised that he wanted to get into banking towards the end of freshman year, but couldn’t get any interviews. During senior year, after realizing his own strategies weren’t working and that time was running out, he joined WSMM. Hear how he was able to secure an offer at an elite boutique despite his extremely late start with recruiting and being from a non-target school.

Justin (Michigan Ross)

Got 2 Full-time Offers Despite Not Getting a Return Offer From Summer Internship

Our student Justin joined WSMM after not getting a full-time return offer at the end of his junior summer internship. He knew how much more difficult full-time recruiting was going to be, and how efficient he had to be if he wanted to secure one of the few jobs that were left. Hear him talk about how WSMM helped him prep for his interviews much more efficiently, and ultimately helped him secure two full-time offers.

Alex (RIT)

Went From Middle Office Junior Summer Internship to Private Equity Full-time Offer

Our student Alex came to us from a non-target school during senior year, after failing to secure a junior summer internship in investment banking and working in a middle office role. After we helped him improve his interviewing skills, he went on to secure a full-time offer from a private equity firm. Hear him talk about the challenges he had to overcome along the way, and how you can do the same too.

Kyle (Berkeley Haas)

From Community College Transfer to Getting Into Banking at the Last Minute

Our client Kyle started school at a community college, but then transferred to UC Berkeley junior year. He thought his life was set, until senior year when he realized he wanted to become an investment banker. Now only was he extremely late to the game, most of his competition had been preparing since freshman year. Hear how he beat the odds with WSMM’s help, despite his extremely late start in the recruiting process.

Travis (Texas A&M)

CC Transfer, 3.3 GPA and Started Recruiting 3 Months Before Graduating

Our student Travis came to us in late February of senior year, three months before graduation. He was a community college transfer at a non-target school, did not have a junior summer internship or much relevant internship experience, and only had a 3.3 GPA. Hear him talk about how he overcame all of these obstacles to break into a local boutique investment bank.