3.0-3.3 GPA Student Interviews

Check out how these students were able to make it into investment banking despite having below average GPAs that would have eliminated most people

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Emilio (Notre Dame)

Overcame a Subpar GPA From a Semi Target School to Land a Top Tech IB Offer

Our student Emilio is not a business major so he did not get the target school treatment. He also had a subpar GPA when he first joined WSMM. With our help, he racked up impressive internships on his resume, networked more effectively, and freed up more time to raise his GPA. These changes helped him secure multiple interviews before ultimately landing an offer from one of the top tech IB groups.

Jerry (Berkeley)

Broke Into a Top Middle Market Bank as an International Student During COVID-19

Our student Jerry was an international student with a 3.3 GPA who decided to recruit for investment banking pretty late in the recruiting process. We helped him get two offers but one got rescinded for sponsorship reasons, causing him to delay graduation to recruit again. Hear how he ultimately got an offer from one of the top middle market banks despite reduced visa sponsorships during COVID-19.

Mike (Bowdoin)

Got Jefferies Offer Despite Being Graduated, 3.2 GPA, and No Experience

Our client Mike joined WSMM in July after graduating from college. Despite being already graduated, only having a 3.2 GPA, and no relevant internship experiences on his resume, he went to work using the system WSMM taught him. After three months of an excruciating grind, he came out of the other side with an offer from Jefferies. Hear how he was able to defy the odds and get such an amazing outcome.

Steven (Berkeley)

Bulge Bracket Offer Without Prior Finance Internships or Finance Clubs

Our student Steven started out with a subpar profile: GPA in the low 3's, zero finance work experience, and not in any of the top finance clubs on campus. On top of that, he also started the recruiting process relatively late, so he had a lot to overcome. Hear how he used WSMM to help him first secure a junior summer internship at a middle market bank, before eventually securing a full-time offer from Barclays.

Tristan (Virginia Military Institute)

From Non-Target, 3.0 GPA and Already Graduated to Middle Market Offer

Our client Tristan came to us in July, AFTER he had already graduated from college. To make matters worse, he had just a 3.0 GPA, and was from a non-target school. His mom thought our program was a scam, but he trusted his gut and did it anyway. By October, we had helped him landa full-time investment banking offer from a middle market bank. Hear him talk about how he overcame seemingly impossible odds.

Shawn (Columbia)

Int'l Student With 3.2 GPA Who Overcame the Odds to Secure Three Offers

Our client Shawn was a sophomore international student with a 3.2 GPA when he joined Wall Street Mastermind. Hear his advice on how to recruit effectively for investment banking as an international student when the bar is higher due to the need of a visa sponsorship. Also hear how he was able to get not just one, but three different investment banking internship offers despite the odds being seemingly stacked against him.