No Finance Experience Student Interviews

Check out how these students overcame the obstacle of not having relevant finance work experience and built the resume they needed to get into investment banking

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Bradley (Dartmouth)

Landed Every Elite Boutique and Bulge Bracket Offer He Applied For

Our student Bradley is a rising junior who has already secured offers from banks like Perella Weinberg, Citi, and Evercore. As of this interview, he’s also been fast-tracked to superday interviews with Goldman Sachs (update: got the offer). Hear him talk about how he went from a bioengineering major who knew very little, to securing offers from every bank he’s applied to so far (100% offer rate) with the help of Wall Street Mastermind.

Luke (Santa Clara)

Evercore Offer From a Non-Target That Only Sends Two Grads Into IB Each Year

Our student Luke received a junior summer internship offer from Evercore. He attends a non-target school where just two students graduate into investment banking each year. Hear him talk about how he was able to overcome this obstacle of coming from a non-target school to getting an interview from every bank he applied to, before eventually breaking into one of the top elite boutiques on Wall Street.

Jenn (Wellesley)

From No Finance Experience to a PJT Partners Offer

Our student Jenn secured her junior summer offer from PJT Partners by April of sophomore year. Hear how she went from no finance experience and not knowing how to get her foot in the door, to getting her first relevant internship within one week of joining, then getting offers for sophomore summer internships with two global banks, followed by her junior summer internship offer at PJT Partners – all within just 3.5 months of joining WSMM.

Sydney (Wharton)

Used WSMM to Stand Out at Wharton and Secure a Top EB Offer

Our student Sydney first started feeling behind with IB recruiting when she saw all her Wharton friends applying for sophomore summer internships while she hadn't even given recruiting any thought. She initially tried to research investment banking using Google and Youtube but found it highly ineffective. After joining WSMM, she secured numerous 1st rounds and 5 superdays, eventually accepting an offer from Centerview.

Kelly (Stanford)

From an Already Good Investment Banking Candidate to Being the Best

Our student Kelly studied at a target school and was actually pretty qualified for banking. Although he knew he could probably get into banking by himself, he didn’t want just any bank; he wanted to be at one of the top groups in a top bank. To do that, he knew the resources at school weren’t enough to help him stand out. Hear how WSMM helped him land offers from two of the top three technology investment banking groups on Wall Street.

Julien (Washington)

Only Student From His Non-Target School to Get an Offer From JPMorgan

Our student Julien came to Wall Street Mastermind as a rising junior from a non-target school who was struggling with investment banking recruiting on his own. Despite having spent 80-100 hours studying for interviews on his own, he completely failed his first technical interview with RBC. Hear what he did to transform himself as a candidate and end up as the only person to get into JPMorgan for investment banking from his school.

Jack (Michigan Ross)

Chose IB Over Consulting and Ended Up at an Elite Boutique

Our student Jack joined WSMM right before sophomore year, when he was still choosing between investment banking and consulting. Prior to joining WSMM, he already had a pretty good resume with his school, GPA, and relevant experiences. With that said, he knew that anything less than a bulge bracket or elite boutique bank would be a disappointment. Hear how he ultimately decided on investment banking and used the help he received from Wall Street Mastermind to land an elite boutique offer.

Matthew (Harvard)

Came to WSMM After Failing On His Own and Then Ended Up at Lazard

Our client Matthew went to Harvard and had multiple relevant finance experiences on his resume. He considered joining Wall Street Mastermind during his freshman year but passed initially because he thought he could break into a top tier bank by himself. After failing the superdays for three different bulge bracket banks, he decided to join WSMM to learn a more effective and efficient way of preparing for interviews. Hear how he turned things around to secure an offer from Lazard.

Rukhsar (Baruch College)

Overcame Her Low Income First Gen College Profile to Land Multiple Offers

Our student Rukhsar is a first generation college student from a low income family. She initially attended community college to save money but transferred to Baruch as early as she could just to recruit for IB. During COVID, her dad lost his job so she ended up working two jobs totaling 70 hours a week to help pay the bills. Despite all of these obstacles, she persevered and secured three top offers including UBS and Jefferies.

Armin (U of San Diego)

Bulge Bracket Offer From Non-Target With Virtually No Alumni in Banking

Our student Armin attends a non-target school that has only one alumnus working in banking. During his conversation with the alumnus, he was told that he was too late to recruiting and should target another career and try for investment banking again after getting an MBA. Rather than being discouraged, Armin got the help he needed from Wall Street Mastermind and ended up receiving three offers from bulge bracket and middle market banks.

Steven (Berkeley)

Bulge Bracket Offer Without Prior Finance Internships or Finance Clubs

Our student Steven started out with a subpar profile: GPA in the low 3's, zero finance work experience, and not in any of the top finance clubs on campus. On top of that, he also started the recruiting process relatively late, so he had a lot to overcome. Hear how he used WSMM to help him first secure a junior summer internship at a middle market bank, before eventually securing a full-time offer from Barclays.

Emilio (Notre Dame)

Overcame Subpar GPA from a Semi Target School to Get Top Tech IB Offer

Our student Emilio is not a business major so he did not get the target school treatment. He also had a subpar GPA when he first joined Wall Street Mastermind. With our help, he racked up impressive internships on his resume, networked more effectively, and freed up more time to raise his GPA. These changes helped him secure multiple interviews before ultimately landing an offer from one of the top technology IB groups.

Michael (Vanderbilt)
Delayed Graduation and Got Into Investment Banking on His 2nd Try

Our client Michael was originally unsuccessful with recruiting due to his average GPA, semi-target school, and a complicated story. We helped him come up with a creative strategy to have a second shot at recruiting, and guided him through the application, networking, and interviewing process. Hear him talk about his roller-coaster recruiting process and how he ultimately secured an offer from Jefferies.

Dylan (Chicago)
Got a Bulge Bracket Offer Despite a 3.4 GPA and Late Start

Our client Dylan recently received a bulge bracket summer internship offer despite completely missing the accelerated recruiting timeline and only having a 3.4 GPA. Hear Dylan talk about his recruiting process and how he was able to turn it around and get an amazing outcome in the end. He also gives his advice to those of you who are still recruiting. Make sure you check this interview out!

Takashi (Cornell)
Came In With Zero Background in Finance and Secured BofA Tokyo Offer

Our client Takashi is someone who didn't have any background, resources, or information in investment banking. Despite this, he leveraged Wall Street Mastermind's help to secure an investment banking offer from Bank of America in the Tokyo office. Hear him talk about the difference between recruiting in the US and Asia, and why WSMM's program can help you no matter which office you recruit for.

Isabelle (John Hopkins)

Secured Multiple BB Offers From a Non-Target School With No Finance Ecosystem

Our student Isabelle attens a non-target school with very few students pursuing finance. Wanting to put herself in the right environment that could give her the necessary recruiting support, she picked WSMM over some bigger Chinese investment banking recruiting companies due to the level of one on one support we provided. In the end, she ended up getting three superdays and receiving all 3 offers, including 2 offers from bulge bracket banks.

Edward (UVA Mclntire)

Broke Into Banking Despite Not Being in Any Finance Clubs and Starting Late

Our student Edward was not a member of any of the prestigious finance feeder clubs at his target school, where most of the successful investment banking candidates came from. Because of this, recruiting caught him by surprise and he started the process late. After interning at a small boutique investment bank during his junior summer, he recruited again for full-time and was able to successfully secure an offer from Rothschild.

Amit (Emory)

From Completely New to Investment Banking to Breaking Into Lazard

Our student Amit joined WSMM the summer after freshman year because he was serious about getting into IB and wanted the most efficient way of doing it. Coming from a semi-target school, he knew he had to step up his game to find a process that would ensure that all his efforts would not go to waste. Hear how he became one of the top candidates at his school and beat out target school students for multiple offers before ending up at Lazard.

Allison (Cornell)

From Being Uncertain About IB to Landing an Offer From PJT Partners

Our client Allison wasn’t 100% sure about investment banking when she joined WSMM, which makes her pretty different from most of our other clients, but she joined anyway because she knew that even if she didn’t end up doing banking, she would learn invaluable life skills inside of WSMM. Hear about how she secured an offer from PJT Partners despite initially not knowing much about networking, behavioral or technical interviews.

Tyler (Duke)

Followed His Brother Into WSMM and Secured a Bulge Bracket Offer

Our student Tyler was feeling lost with recruiting prior to joining WSMM. He wasn't getting a lot of traction with his networking and was starting to feel overwhelmed given how much further along his peers at school were. He learned about WSMM through his older brother, who also recruited successfully through our program. Hear how he caught up to his peers with WSMM's help and secured a bulge bracket offer.

Edgar (Berkeley)

Breaking Into Investment Banking From Corporate Banking

Our client Edgar recently received an offer from an upper middle market investment bank despite missing the accelerated recruiting timeline during sophomore year, only having a 3.4 GPA, and eventually having to work in corporate banking for his summer internship first. Hear Edgar talk about his journey and how he was able to pull this off against the odds. Make sure you check this interview out to hear Edgar’s advice!

Robert (Villanova)

Landed a Bulge Bracket as a Non-Target Student With No Finance Experience

Our student Robert came to us late sophomore year. As a non-target school student with no finance experience on his resume, he was very behind in the recruiting process. With a lot of hard work and the proper guidance though, he turned things around in just 6 short months. Hear how he used WSMM to help him land a junior summer internship offer from a bulge bracket bank despite everything working against him.

Heejune (Berkeley)

Went From Being a Transfer Student to Breaking Into Investment Banking

Our student Heejune transferred from UC Riverside to UC Berkeley as a junior after he realized he wanted to pursue investment banking. However, once he arrived at Berkeley he realized how behind he was as a junior, especially given the accelerated investment banking recruiting timeline. Hear him talk about how he used WSMM to accelerate his preparation process, and ultimately land an offer at Cowen.

Dylan (Cornerstone)

From Growing Up Homeless and No Name College to Investment Banking

Our student Dylan was homeless until he was 6 years old, when he went into foster care. His foster parents really wanted him to attend a Christian college, so he chose Cornerstone University which only had 2,000 students and no alumni in banking. Despite being told on WSO that he'll never make it with that profile, he joined WSMM to bet on himself and eventually got an offer from a middle market bank, proving the doubters wrong.

Nathan (NYU Stern)

Overcame Skepticism About WSMM to Secure Sponsorship for Internship

Our student Nathan joined halfway through sophomore year as an international student. Despite having someone who had never used WSMM warning him that the program was a total scam, he did his own research and decided to take the plunge. Hear the difference WSMM made for him and how we helped him secure a banking internship despite a significant reduction in visa sponsorships during COVID-19.

Joe (UC Irvine)

One of the Only Students to Break Into IB From His Non-Target School

Our student Joe joined WSMM as a junior from a non-target school. To make matters worse, he initially had no relevant internships or extracurricular activities on his resume. With our help, he delayed graduation, started networking, and secured multiple relevant internships to build up his resume. Hear how he broke into a middle market bank from a school that sends no more than 2-3 students into IB each year.

Harrison (Rutgers)
Spent Less Than 5 Hour of His Free Time Studying For Technical Interviews

Our student Harrison joined WSMM halfway through his sophomore year in order to get a clear roadmap on maximizing his chances of breaking into investment banking from a non-target school. The biggest thing he wanted was efficiency in his preparation process, and that's what he got. Hear how he was able to spend no more than 5 hours of free time studying technicals, and still got multiple internship offers.

David (Berkeley)
Skipped Interviews with BB’s and EB’s to Go Straight to Buyside

Our client David just finished sophomore year and recently accepted an offer at a $2Bn growth equity firm for his junior summer. He dropped out of processes with top banks like Goldman TMT, MS Tech, Moelis LA, Qatalyst, and PWP, just to name a few… Despite having some resources already, hear him talk about why he still wanted WSMM's help, and how this allowed him to get an outcome that most people can only dream of.

Nathaniel (Notre Dame)

Went From No Finance Internship on His Resume to a Growth Equity Offer

Our client Nathaniel was a transfer student who didn't know about investment banking until late sophomore year. Knowing he was being the curve, he decided to get 1:1 help from WSMM. Within his first month, he immediately secured an internship at a small private equity firm to boost his resume. Hear how he eventually leveraged that to break into growth equity directly without doing investment banking first.

Sam (UCLA)

Int'l Student Overcame Language Barrier to Secure Internship During COVID-19

Our client Sam is an international student who had to learn English as his second language. Not only did it make it more difficult for him to connect with bankers during networking conversations, but he also had to recruit in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, making it even harder to connect with people. Hear him talk about how was still able to secure an internship from the TMT group of a middle market bank despite having the odds stacked against him.