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Sam Has worked with students from Both Target and Non-Target schools

People Mentored by sam have gotten jobs at some of the most prestigious investment banks in the world, such as:

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“Whereas the guides online were generic forums that catered to a broad audience, Sam was able to offer helpful perspective that were tailored to my interests and background.” – Daniel K., received summer internship and full-time offer from JPMorgan. Currently working at a growth equity fund with $2.7Bn raised to date.

“I had actually used a different mentoring service prior to Sam but was not getting the help I needed. After working with Sam, the experience was night and day…” – Erica P., received summer internship and full-time offer from Barclays Capital. Currently working at an “unicorn” startup with $9Bn+ valuation.

“If you have the opportunity to work with Sam, I would definitely recommend it. You’ll get a huge leg up on the competition just as I did and he’s absolutely a big reason why I am where I am today.” – Calvin X., received full-time offer from Perella Weinberg. Currently a corp dev lead at a high-growth company that recently went public with a $9Bn+ market cap.

“If you are going to pay money to work with a mentor, you should only work with the best, and I would highly recommend Sam. He really showed me the ropes and has a genuine passion for helping others, and his committed approach of working with you over the long term is something that is truly unique which I haven’t seen others offer.” – Steven O., received full-time offer from Wells Fargo.

“My case competition experience came up in every single interview I had and played a big part in helping me land my full-time job at Credit Suisse.” – Amy Y., received summer internship and full-time offer from Credit Suisse.

“Sam coached me on how to be a better networker generally, and with bankers specifically. He showed me how to reach out to them and get them to talk to me, what questions to ask or not ask, and how to keep a conversation flowing without awkward silences… If you are not the best at schmoozing or you’re just not sure what pet peeves investment bankers have, Sam is your man.” – Vincent O., received a full-time offer from Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Currently working at a hedge fund with $3Bn+ in assets under management.

“Sam helped me get my first relevant finance internship at a regional boutique bank by teaching me how to cold call and cold email bankers. Without his help on networking effectively, I don’t think I would have gotten the necessary experience to stand out from the competition at my school.” – Jonathan C., received a summer internship and full-time offer from Barclays Capital.

“I had a couple of holes in my resume that I was having trouble building a compelling narrative around, and Sam was great at helping me craft a story that resonated with interviewers… Sam stood out because of his thoughtfulness in helping me craft my story, strong grasp of the technical aspects of interview questions, and the patience he showed as he provided guidance.” – Michael M., received a full-time offer from Deutsche Bank. Currently a senior associate at a top-tier late stage venture capital firm with $7Bn of capital raised to date.

“I found some interview guides out there that had over 200+ questions, which was very overwhelming as I just didn’t have the time to learn it all. Sam was very good at distilling everything down to the core basics… Going through last-minute mock interviews with him helped me anticipate many of the questions I ended up getting during my actual interviews, and I was able to breeze through my interviews confidently.” – Aaron R., received a full-time offer at UBS. Currently working at an “unicorn” startup with $12Bn+ valuation.

“The most valuable thing I learned from our mock interviews was actually not the answers to the various questions, but rather how to be good at interviewing… These are all nuances that Sam understands well and once you master these skills they will help you be more successful for the rest of your career, regardless of whether you get into investment banking or not.” – Dan N., received a full-time offer from UBS. Currently an investor at a top-tier venture/growth fund with $7Bn of capital raised to date.

“I went from being an international, junior year transfer student – who knew nothing about finance – to being confident for my super day interviews.” – Stephanie S., received full-time offer from RBC Capital Markets. Currently a private equity investor at a leading European alternative asset manager with $15Bn in assets under management.

“As an English, Math, and Stats major, and also an international student, not only did I have an atypical background for someone pursuing investment banking, I also had to overcome English being my second language. Because Sam also lived abroad for over 10 years of his life, he was able to really help me craft my story and work on my delivery.” – Andrew I., received a full-time offer with Deutsche Bank. Subsequently joined one of the largest tech-focused private equity funds with $9.5Bn+ of assets under management, and went on to work at multiple hedge funds.

“I learned about investment banking relatively late, but with Sam’s help I was still able to get a summer internships at a boutique bank during my junior year… After my junior year summer internship, I recruited again to try and get an offer from a bulge bracket bank. I ended up getting an offer from the Technology IBD group at Deutsche Bank, which Sam had worked at previously.” – Susan L., received a full-time offer from Deutsche Bank. Currently a Principal at a venture capital firm with $1.8Bn+ in assets under management.

“He also offered invaluable on-the-job advice and best practices tips that enabled me to excel as both a summer and full-time analyst at Morgan Stanley. His guidance helped me to be the top bucket analyst in my group, where I worked on 15 live deals worth ~$8Bn in transaction value throughout two years.” – Ryan L., received summer internship and full-time offers from Morgan Stanley. Subsequently worked at TPG Capital, one of the top mega private equity funds, and currently attending Harvard Business School.

“First, he helped me understand the investment banking landscape. This included which companies and groups 1) had good reputations (ie deal flow, culture), 2) did well in post-analyst recruiting…” – Sebastian C., received summer internship and full-time offers from Goldman Sachs. Subsequently worked at premier venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, and currently works as an investor at Softbank’s $100Bn Vision Fund, the largest tech-focused investment fund in the world.

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