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We'll Get You An Investment Banking Job Offer Or We Don't Make Money

Membership to our community is by application only; we will not waste your time by inviting you in unless we are confident we can guarantee you a job... because if we don't, we actually LOSE money by working with you! How's that for aligning the incentives?
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Wall Street Mastermind is an elite investment banking network and coaching program for students who are:

  • Tired of applying to investment banking jobs online only to get rejected (or worse yet, ghosted)
  • ​Feeling lost in terms of how to network with investment bankers to get referrals for interviews
  • ​Looking for a better way to master the technical interview concepts efficiently, without having to memorize hundreds of questions from interview guides or taking financial modeling courses that are 100+ hours long
  • ​Struggling to craft genuine behavioral answers that stand out from everyone else’s cookie-cutter answers
Our vision is to help each student we work with secure jobs that they wouldn't have been able to get on their own, and in the process becoming the premier network of elite finance professionals who all started their careers on Wall Street and continue to leverage this network for future opportunities throughout their careers.


This does NOT require that you already go to a top target school, have a 3.7+ GPA, own a rockstar finance resume, or know how to build financial models. These things help, but they're not mandatory

By the end of our program you’ll be:

A top 1% candidate that the investment banks fight to interview
Getting referrals from multiple investment bankers with ease
Outshining the competition with your unique story
Impressing the interviewer with your technical prowess
A part of a high caliber network you can leverage forever

Book a Virtual Coffee Chat to Ask Questions and/or Apply

Speak with either one of our highly experienced recruiting strategists, or a WSMM student who has already secured a top investment banking offer (depending on availability) to learn what it’s like to be a part of our network. Ask any questions you have about recruiting… and if you’re interested in joining, you’ll also get the chance to apply on this call and tell us why you’re someone we should want in our exclusive network.

Financial Aid Available For Those Who Qualify

We offer financial aid to students in need who we believe are deserving and worth betting on. Because finances should never get in the way of getting your dream job… we offer packages to fit nearly any budget.

How Wall Street Mastermind Can Help

Our process is proven and battle tested - we've worked with students from all types of backgrounds and situations in the last few years, and placed them into most of the top investment banks out there






Minimum GPA


of top 20 banks


of top 50 banks


Hours of work only

Candidate Branding Makeover™
Networking Funnel Optimization™
Professionally Crafted Behaviorals™
Accelerated Technical Mastery™
Unlimited On-Demand Feedback™
Elite Intelligence Network™

You only have one chance at recruiting for the top banks

There’s zero room for trial and error

The degree of difficulty has increased year after year. Not only do applications open earlier every year, your competition is also more prepared than ever due to the increasing amount of information that’s available online – guides/courses, youtube videos, school clubs, etc.

10 years ago, simply using these interview guides or courses meant that you were ahead of the curve… But today, that’s just the BARE MINIMUM you’d have to do just to keep up with everyone else.

But there’s a little-known way to get a leg up on your competition, that most people haven’t caught onto yet… for now. It most likely won’t stay under the radar for much longer though…

We built this strategy & system through years of collective experience screening and interviewing thousands of candidates. All the trial and error has already been done by us on your behalf, through our work with the hundreds of students that have gone through the recruiting process before you…

Leveraging this huge sample size of data points that we have, you now have a scientific approach to attack the recruiting process in a confident and unfair manner that’s going to leave your competition wondering “how the heck did that guy/gal get the job over me?!”

Table of contents

1. Candidate Branding Makeover™

How you position yourself to the bankers and make the first impression is the most important step.

This is the foundation that everything is built off of. Without it, nothing else will work. This is why students get “ghosted” when they try to network with investment bankers. If your first impression doesn’t energize and excite a banker – you’re already on their “do not engage” list – never mind getting a referral out of them.
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Hear From Sam...

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Hear From The Wolf Pack

We’ll build you a signature Irresistible Resume™ which seductively ticks-off everything a banker is seeking in a trophy candidate, and more importantly makes the banker look like a hero for finding you!

There’s a difference between knowing what you need to do… and knowing exactly HOW to do it. A signature Irresistible Resume™ combined with the proper under-the-radar recruiting channels will help you get your foot in the door with your first relevant finance internship within just 1-2 weeks – even if you come in with zero prior finance experience. Our method for this has worked 100% of the times to date.

This is a critical first step because without the right first impression, your networking efforts will not convert into referrals very often, if at all. Also, your interview answers will lack substance because you don’t have any relevant experience to talk about.

The three core components of Candidate Branding Makeover are:
Honest Gap Identification
Secure Relevant Experience
Banker-Standard Packaging
Before Vs After Candidate Branding Makeover

2. Networking Funnel Optimization™

Most top banks receive upwards of 100+ applications for every hire, making networking mandatory if you're serious about getting hired.​

Contrary to popular belief, networking is NOT just a numbers game. To network efficiently, you must treat it like a funnel, identify the leaks, and optimize each conversion point.

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Hear From Sam

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Hear From The Wolf Pack

To effortlessly secure interview referrals from investment bankers, you must accomplish the following steps:

Uncovering the bankers who are responsive and eager to help. This means more than just reaching out to the same alumni that your entire school is reaching out to, and leveraging the untapped corners of your network.
Have a conversation framework that allows you to build powerful connections through genuine and easy conversations where you "hit it off" naturally without having to be a try-hard. Say goodbye to forced awkward conversations or feeling like you're "using" the banker.
You’ll build a personal rolodex of bankers who are eager to put their reputation on the line by recommending you, because they believe they’re helping their firm.
The three core components of Networking Funnel Optimization are:
Widen Top of Funnel
Anti-Ghosting Messaging Sequence
Rapport-Building Conversation Frameworks
Sneak Peek Into a Successful Student’s Networking Tracker
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3. Professionally Crafted Behaviorals™

For your behavioral interviews, the point is not to be RIGHT,
but to be BETTER than your competition.

The real difficulty with this is that 1) unlike technical interviews, it’s hard to know if your answer is actually what the banker is looking for, and 2) it’s virtually impossible to accurately benchmark your answers against your competition’s. Simply coming up with your own answers and hoping it’s good enough is a losing strategy.
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Hear From Sam

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Hear From The Wolf Pack

In terms of what is a “better” answer, your interviewer’s opinion is the only one that matters. Now, imagine if your interviewer told you exactly what they wanted to hear or better yet, crafted your answers with you.

We help you rig the game by “reading the interviewer’s mind” – you’ll know the exact questions to expect ahead of time, never falling victim to curveball questions again.

Next, take the frameworks we’ve synthesized from the most successful answers out of a huge sample size of hundreds of students, and apply it to your unique set of experiences. Compare your answers against the answers of our most successful students to calibrate how you really stack up.

Lastly, an experienced banker does a detailed edit of every answer, rewriting it line by line, helping you turn your stories into exactly what bankers want to hear.

The three core components of Professionally Crafted Behaviorals are
“Curveball Questions” Prevention
Data Driven Frameworks
Fine-Combing Banker Edits
Before vs After of “Walk Me Through Your Resume”
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4. Accelerated Technical Mastery™

Over the last 10+ years, the investment banking recruiting process has started earlier and earlier each year. Students now have to be ready to interview more than 1.5 years before the actual internship itself.

To make matters worse, during this time there has been a proliferation of recruiting resources. As a result, the average candidate today is much more prepared, making the recruiting process even more competitive.

To adapt to this trend, interviewers are no longer asking simple “definitional questions” where the answers can be memorized. Instead, they’re asking “application questions” that require candidates to apply an in-depth understanding of technical concepts to real-world situations. The days of memorizing answers are over.

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Hear From Sam

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Hear From The Wolf Pack

As your competition evolves, you need a competitive advantage to stay ahead. Simply doing the same things that everyone else is doing is a low-probability way of elevating yourself into the top 5% of the candidate pool.

Your secret weapon? Learn the exact technical concepts you need directly from an investment banker. You’ll be able to confidently answer even the toughest technical questions without memorizing a single interview guide. Plus you’ll outperform every other candidate who gives memorized, cookie-cutter answers because they do not have access to this type of help and have to self-study.

We call this Accelerated Technical Mastery™ because you’ll learn everything in as little as 20-30 hours. No more memorizing hundreds of pages from interview guides, or spending 100+ hours on confusing financial modeling courses even though you’ll NEVER get asked to build a model during your interviews (yep, it’s true).

The three core components of Accelerated Technical Mastery are
1:1 Banker Instruction
Deep Conceptual Understanding
Expert Answer Demos
Sample of a Live Technical Instruction Session
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5. Unlimited On-Demand Feedback™

Learning from an expert is always going to be better than learning through self-study.

It’s the same reason why people pay six-figures to go to college, when they can just self-study reading a book or going online. When you DIY, you miss things that are in your blindspot. Instead, have a banker who can coach you through any situation, 24/7, on demand. Also watch your competition’s mock interviews to see how your answers truly stack up.

Here’s another way to think about it: if there were two gifted basketball players trying to make it into the NBA, but one had a great coach and the other just practiced on his own – who’s more likely to make it to the pros? So why should you try to get into investment banking, the pinnacle of the finance profession, on your own?

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Hear From Sam

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Hear From The Wolf Pack

When you try to DIY, you miss things that are in your blindspot. It’s like a basketball player trying to fix the form on a broken jump shot when he doesn’t realize why he’s missing in the first place. He’s not going to just have an epiphany all the sudden and become Steph Curry.

Unfortunately, despite the proliferation of recruiting resources, almost all of them are DIY. The popular interview guides provide one-size-fits-all answers with no personalization, suffocating your unique story. The financial modeling courses are long and confusing, and also provide very little support when you’re stuck.

Rather than piecing together everything you need from different sources who all give you conflicting advice, imagine having one go-to banker who can coach you through any situation you encounter, 24/7, on demand, from now until you get the job. What’d that do for you?

The three core components of Unlimited On-Demand Feedback are:
24/7 Instant Messaging
Live Instruction and Q&A
Mock Interview Hot Seats
Mock Interview for Elite Boutique Superday (Offer Secured)

6. Elite Intelligence Network™

Investment banking recruiting is usually a long and grueling process. Your competition is cutthroat and not about to help you out. And going through it alone can be stressful and lonely

That’s why we refer to the students in our program as the “Wolf Pack.” Because we hunt for jobs together, and we’ve fostered a culture where everyone helps each other out. The Wolf Pack understands that we’re stronger when working together than individually.
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Hear From Sam

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Hear From The Wolf Pack

Inside of the Wolf Pack, you have access to hundreds (and growing monthly) of past, current, and future program participants as a part of your network – many of whom are currently working or will be working at your dream bank. We’ve even had instances where a WSMM alum is responsible for selecting resumes at top banks, and gave our students a favorable push.

Our pack members are always sharing intel with each other, including past interview questions, intro to banker contacts, job opportunities, information about recruiting timelines, and other useful resources. Never run into a question that you can’t get the answer to ever again.

Even after you’re done recruiting, you’re still a part of the family. You will always be a part of this elite and growing fraternity of Wall Street professionals for the rest of your career, which will benefit you in ways you probably can’t even imagine yet today.

The three core components of Elite Intelligence Network are:
Interview Questions Database
Alumni Referral Network
Lifelong Professional Network
Just One Example of How the Wolf Pack Helps Each Other Out
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Put It All Together and
Become a Top 1% Investment Banking Candidate, All in
Just the Next 30-60 Days

You’ll notice that nowhere in this do we say that you must already go to a top target school, have a 4.0 GPA, own a rockstar finance resume, or know how to build financial models...

That’s because we’ve been able to consistently help candidates who lack some or all of those attributes break into investment banking, and place our students into every single bulge bracket and elite boutique bank on Wall Street. If you follow the same proven system and process that they used, by the end of our program you’ll be…

A top 1% candidate that the investment banks fight to interview
Getting referrals from multiple investment bankers with ease
Outshining the competition with your unique story
Impressing the interviewer with your technical prowess
A part of a high caliber network you can leverage forever

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