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Did you know investment banking is one of the highest paying jobs you can get straight out of school? College grads average $125k+ as 1st-year analysts, and MBA grads average $200k+ as 1st-year associates…

Did you also know that major investment banks only accept <1% of the 100-200k+ applicants annually? Its selectiveness is on par with breaking into the NBA or NFL as a NCAA Division I athlete…

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Watch our 30-minute masterclass called The 3-Insider Secrets to Crushing Investment Banking Recruiting in Under 60 Days.

We reveal the 3 insider secrets our clients use to land investment banking job offers with over 90% success rate...

We talk about things like the "5S" networking system... the 3 steps you need to master your technical interviews... and the best way to make your behavioral answers stand out.

Most importantly, we show you how to do all of this even if you don't attend a target school, don't have a 3.7+ GPA, and don't already have a large network on Wall Street.

The Inner Wolf Pack Coaching Program

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1 on 1 Check-in Calls

This is your personal time with Sam. How we spend these sessions will depend on the customized game plan we create based on your personal situation. We will focus on helping you with whatever you need help with the most. We also have the flexibility to adjust our plan on the fly as needed. All sessions will be recorded and sent to you so that you can rewatch anytime.


Group Coaching Sessions (2x/week)

Weekly group coaching calls. This is live Q&A where you can ask us anything about recruiting, networking, or interviewing. More importantly, you get to hear the questions that other people ask, which are often questions you didn't even think of, but would like the answers to as well. All videos will be recorded for those who cannot make it.


Applications Written by a Banker, for a Banker

We will work with you and give you UNLIMITED REVISIONS to your resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile. Other services will charge you $2k just for three rounds of editing, and it has to be done within 60 days. Here at WSMM, we will help you update your resume continuously as you gain more experience, and present yourself the way bankers like to see.


Funnel Optimization Networking System™

We'll teach you our Funnel Optimization Networking System™, which our clients have used to successfully skyrocket the response rate to their networking requests. We'll also teach you our I.D.E.A.S. Framework™, which will make your networking conversations effortless and convert investment bankers from strangers into your advocates in just 30 minutes.


Accelerated Technical Mastery (ATM)

Instead of spending hundreds of hours memorizing answers from interview guides, or taking confusing financial modeling courses, accelerate your technical interview prep down to just 15-20 hours. In that time, we will teach you everything you need to know (accounting, valuation, M&A, LBO) in a way that allows you to crush your interviews even if the interviewer asks you a question you've never seen before.


Behavioral Calibration and Diagnosis

The hardest part about behavioral questions is 1) not knowing definitively whether your answers match what bankers want to hear, and 2) not knowing whether your answers make you stand out, because you don't know how your competition is answering the same questions. Having interviewed hundreds of students at this point, we leverage our large sample size of data to help you draft your behavioral answers, line by line.


The WSMM Inner Wolf Pack Network

You will have exclusive access to a private VIP Facebook group where you can communicate and network with other Inner Wolf Pack members. We are a supportive community that helps each other out - by sharing information such as what a certain bank asked for their Hirevue questions, notifying each other about job/internship opportunities, and practicing mock interviews.


24/7 Support On Demand

Ever run into a question about something and not have anyone you can ask? Got stuck on a technical question? Or don't know how to respond to a banker's email? Rather than doing a Google search and opening 20 different tabs on the same topic, only to still be confused after hours of searching, imagine if you could simply send us a message on Slack anytime, and get a response right away?


Emotional support, mindset, and accountability

Investment banking recruiting is a long and difficult process. It’s extremely important to have a group of likeminded individuals who keep you on track. Together, we will set weekly goals, track progress, eliminate limiting beliefs, celebrate wins, and build your confidence. This is much bigger than just getting a banking job; you will benefit for the rest of your life. No other program coaches these intangible yet crucial things.

Question: What's The Investment In The Program?

Answer: All of our work is customized for the candidate based on their needs, because a one-size-fits-all approach does not get results for our clients. To discuss something that makes sense for you, click the link below to schedule a free strategy session so that we can determine if we'll be a good fit. If we cannot help you, we will point you in another direction that we think will help you.

Sam Has Worked With Students From Both Target And Non-Target Schools

People Mentored By Sam Have Gotten Jobs At Some Of The Most Prestigious Investment Banks In The World, Such As:


About Sam, Founder Of Wall Street Mastermind

Sam founded Wall Street Mastermind to help aspiring investment bankers break into one of the highest paying, but also most competitive fields out there. He remembers how tough it was back when he tried to do so himself in 2007, right as the financial crisis was starting. Fortunately, he received invaluable mentorship from a friend who was already working as a vice president at a bulge bracket bank, and went on to work at one of the top groups on Wall Street (Morgan Stanley Techology Investment Banking).

Ever since then, his career has benefited tremendously from the time he spent in banking. He subsequently worked in private equity before moving on to run Strategic Finance at several high-growth VC-backed startups. Now, he would like to pay it forward and help others with similar aspirations achieve their dreams.