Bradley (Dartmouth)
Got Every Elite Boutique and Bulge Bracket Offer He Applied For

Our client Bradley is a rising junior who has already secured offers from banks like Perella Weinberg, Citi, and Evercore. As of this interview, he’s also been fast-tracked to superday interviews with Goldman Sachs (both NYC and SF). Hear him talk about how he went from a bioengineering major who knew very little during his sophomore year, to securing offers from every bank he’s applied to so far (100% offer rate).

Dylan (Chicago)
Got a Bulge Bracket Offer Despite a 3.4 GPA and Late Start

Our client Dylan recently received a bulge bracket summer internship offer despite completely missing the accelerated recruiting timeline and only having a 3.4 GPA. Hear Dylan talk about his recruiting process and how he was able to turn it around and get an amazing outcome in the end. He also gives his advice to those of you who are still recruiting. Make sure you check this interview out!

Sinan (Wharton)
4 Offers (Including 3 BB’s) as an International Student

Our client Sinan is an international student from Turkey who recently secured 4 summer internship offers, include 3 from top-tier bulge bracket banks. We all know that the bar for hiring is much higher when you need visa sponsorship from the banks; hear Sinan talk about how he was able to overcome this challenge, land his dream job, and make his parents proud.

David (Berkeley)
Skipped Interviews with BB’s and EB’s to Go Straight to Buyside

Our client David just finished sophomore year and recently accepted an offer at a $2Bn growth equity firm for his junior summer. He dropped out of processes with top banks like Goldman TMT, MS Tech, Moelis LA, Qatalyst, and PWP, just to name a few… Despite having some resources already, hear him talk about why he still wanted my help, and how this allowed him to get an outcome that most people can only dream of.

Nishant (Urbana Champaign)
Bulge Bracket Offer as Non-Target, International Student

Our client Nishant is an international student from Dubai who secured his summer internship offer from a top-tier bulge bracket bank. Not only is he an international student, but he goes to a non-target school and did not have a whole lot of finance experience. Despite these hurdles, hear Nishant discuss the importance of not being content with the help he already had (he was in the investment banking academy at school), and how he stacked the odds in his favor and got the job.

Victor (Florida State)
1 of 5 Students Out of 8,250+ in His Class to Get Into I-Banking

Our client Victor is one of the most committed clients we’ve ever had. He landed a junior summer internship from a non-target state school that only places 4-5 students into investment banking each year (out of 8,250+). And he did all of this without having a ton of relevant finance experience. Hear him talk about how he did this despite the odds being stacked against him, and how we helped him accomplish his dream.

Megan (Brandeis)
From International Student at Non-Target Liberal Arts School to JPMorgan

Our client Megan is an international student who didn’t start learning English until 9th grade. Attending a small non-target liberal arts school, she had very few alumni on Wall Street to reach out to, and little to no relevant resources on campus. Despite all of these obstacles, hear her talk about how she was able to land superdays with both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, before ultimately accepting an offer with the latter.

Steve (Dartmouth)
From Failing Multiple Superdays to Landing the Perfect Offer

Our client Steve came to us at the beginning of junior year, after having failed a couple of superday interviews on his own. He was referred to us by our client Bradley after seeing how much better Bradley did during with recruiting. Despite coming to us quite late for help, hear Steve talk about how he was ultimately able to secure a middle market offer that ended up being a phenomenal fit with his background.

Tristan (Virginia Military Institute)
From Non-Target, 3.0 GPA and Already Graduated to Middle Market Offer

Our client Tristan came to us in July, AFTER he had already graduated from college. To make matters worse, he had just a 3.0 GPA, from a non-target school. His mom thought our program was a scam, but he trusted his gut and did it anyway. By October, he had a full-time investment banking offer from a middle market bank. Hear him talk about how he overcame seemingly impossible odds.

Dean (Lehigh)
Learned All of His Technicals in Just 1 Week to Land an Offer

Our client Dean was able to secure a summer analyst offer despite going to a non-target school and not having any relevant finance experience. What’s even more impressive is that he learned all of his technicals in just one week (yes, with our help). Hear Dean talk about how he was able to “bankify” his story and shorten his preparation time to still be successful despite the accelerated recruiting timeline.

Edgar (Berkeley)
Breaking Into Investment Banking From Corporate Banking

Our client Edgar recently received an offer from an upper middle market investment bank despite missing the accelerated recruiting timeline during sophomore year, only having a 3.4 GPA, and eventually having to work in corporate banking for his summer internship first. Hear Edgar talk about his journey and how he was able to pull this off against the odds. Make sure you check this interview out to hear Edgar’s advice!

Zack (Dartmouth)
From 2 Interviews Out of 20+ Apps to Getting Over 40 Interviews

Our client Zack came to us during April of sophomore year after seeing how much more success his friend Bradley was having with recruiting thanks to our help. He went from getting just 2 interviews out of his first 20+ applications before WSMM, to getting 40+ interviews after joining WSMM. Hear him talk about how he eventually ended up with three different offers for his junior summer internship.

Zeb (NYU)
From 0 for 20 on Apps to 7 Interviews and Middle Market Offer

Our client Zeb attends NYU, but in the College of Arts and Sciences, which is a non-target, unlike Stern. Prior to joining Wall Street Mastermind, he had applied to ~20 firms and gotten zero interviews. After working with us, he got interviews from 7 different firms, before eventually accepting an offer from his top middle-market bank. Hear him talk about what enabled him to make such a huge turnaround!

George (Harvard)
Late Pivot From Consulting to I-Banking and Still Landed Bulge Bracket Offer

Our client George originally wanted to get into consulting before switching to investment banking. With no relevant experience, he tried his best to recruit. Things were looking bleak… until he found Wall Street Mastermind in July. Fast forward two months, George has secured an offer from Barclays just a month into his junior year. Hear him talk about the difference between information and transformation.

Jon (Lehigh)
Breaking Into Investment Banking From a Non-Target School

Our client Jon is actually Dean’s roommate at best friend, and he loved his experience with WSMM so much that he referred Dean to us and helped him get a job too! Hear Jon talks about his experience of trying to recruit from a non-target school, and how he was able to come out on top in the end. Definitely give this one a listen to hear his advice on navigating the investment banking recruiting process!

Sriman (Berkeley)
From 3.5 GPA and No Networking or Technical Knowledge to IB

Our client Sriman recently received an offer from an upper middle market investment bank despite only having a 3.5 GPA and not knowing how to network or answer technical questions initially. Hear Sriman talk about how he was able to improve his resume, networking, technical knowledge, and behavioral interviewing skills all at once. You do not want to miss Sriman’s advice!

Travis (Texas A&M)
CC Transfer, 3.3 GPA and Started Recruiting 3 Months Before Graduating 

Our client Travis came to us in late February of senior year, three months before graduation. He was a community college transfer at a non-target school, did not have a junior summer internship or much relevant internship experience, and only had a 3.3 GPA. Hear him talk about how he overcame all of these obstacles to break into a local boutique investment bank.

Grant (Georgia Tech)
From Non-Target, Late Start, and No Finance Internships to Middle Market IB

Our client Grant came to us during the summer before junior year, shortly after he discovered investment banking. He attended a non-target school, knew very little about banking, and had no finance internships under his belt. In just four months, he had landed a junior summer internship offer from a middle-market bank. Hear him talk about how he was able to accelerate his process and get such an amazing outcome.

Michael (Vanderbilt)
Delayed Graduation and Got Into Investment Banking on His 2nd Try

Our client Michael was originally unsuccessful with recruiting due to his average GPA, semi-target school, and a complicated story. We helped him come up with a creative strategy to have a second shot at recruiting, and guided him through the application, networking, and interviewing process. Hear him talk about his roller-coaster recruiting process and how he ultimately was able to secure an offer from Jefferies.

Brandon (Miami)
From Big 4 Audit to Investment Banking and 2x’ing His Salary

Our client Brandon is living proof that it’s possible to break into investment banking after college without getting an MBA. He landed two offers from boutique investment banks after less than a year at a Big 4 accounting firm. Not only did he leave a job that was making him completely miserable, he also doubled his salary! Hear him talk about how he was able to take a non-traditional path into investment banking.

Paolo (USC Marshall MBA)
From IB Reject at Non-Target Undergrad to Redemption as MBA

Our client Paolo is a perfect story of perseverance and resilience. After trying to recruit for investment banking unsuccessfully from a non-target school back in college, he went back to business school to reapply for summer associate positions. After not seeing much success initially, hear him talk about how WSMM helped him turn it around just in time before the recruiting cycle ended.

  • What if I don’t go to a target school? Or don't major in business/finance/econ?

It doesn’t matter. We’ve helped plenty of non-target school students get into investment banking. We’ve also helped plenty of students who didn’t major in business/finance/economics get into investment banking. Just scroll up and listen to some of the client interviews if you need proof. When someone on Wall Street Oasis tells you that you have no hope unless you go to Harvard, have a 4.0 GPA, and have done 3 investment banking internships already, I want you to know that they have no idea what they’re talking about. For all you know, the person saying that is most likely a college student who hasn’t even gotten into investment banking himself. Because that’s the type of people who would have time to spend a bunch of time on an online forum. When it comes to your career – do you want to listen to him? Or do you want to listen to someone like us who actually knows how this stuff works?

  • What if I don't have a GPA that's at least 3.7 or higher?

This is another myth that we hear quite often. Yes, of course the closer your GPA is to a 4.0, the easier it will be for you to get into investment banking. And if your GPA is above a 3.7, you’re pretty much not going to get any questions about your grades. But we’ve helped plenty of clients with GPA’s in the low to mid-3’s get into investment banking, often at top-tier investment banks. As far as we are concerned, you’re fine as long as you have anything above a 3.2 or 3.3. If you have below a 3.0, it’s going to be pretty damn tough unless you 1) have enough time left to pull your grades up before applying, or 2) have a very legitimate excuse for temporarily having poor grades. The lower your GPA, the better you will have to be in everything else – work experience, extracurriculars, networking, behavioral interviews, technical interviews. And no matter what your GPA is, we can teach you how to talk about it when asked.

  • What if I don't have any relevant work experience on my resume?

It’s pretty straightforward, but nowadays you pretty much have to have some relevant work experience to get into investment banking. Depending on how much time you have left until the recruiting process starts, we may be able to help you find relevant internships to beef up your resume. If you don’t currently have any relevant experience, and are stuck because you don’t know how to get your foot in the door, then we can definitely help you with that. As an example of this, our client Veeren came to us during the second semester of sophomore year with zero work experience beyond a non-finance internship he did as a high schooler back in India. Within two months, we helped him land a sophomore summer internship at a boutique investment banking in Chicago, using our proprietary methods. If you are starting late, we would have to assess your situation and see if we can come up with a creative, outside-the-box solution to achieve your objectives in time.

  • What if I don’t have a strong network in investment banking?

Most candidates do not start out with a strong network in investment banking. In fact, a lot of our clients are non-target school students, and don’t have many alumni they can reach out to on Wall Street. It doesn’t really matter. The way we teach our clients networking, we expect the vast majority of your investment banking contacts to come from your cold network (i.e. complete strangers). As long as you know the best practices for identifying, contacting, and engaging with these people, you can turn a cold contact into a warm contact, and eventually into an advocate who will serve as your champion within the investment banking you’re targeting. Of course, if you do go to a target school with a lot of alumni, or you have personal contacts within your friends and family, you should definitely leverage that as well. But either way, we will help you massively scale up your networking efforts, turn your contacts into actual interview referrals, and do all of this in the most efficient and effective manner.

  • How do I get better at my behavioral interviewing skills?

What most people don’t understand about behavioral interviews is that it’s actually harder than you think. Most people worry a lot about technical interviews, while feeling like they don’t need to spend much time preparing for behaviorals. After all, it’s just talking about yourself right? How hard can that be? In reality, behavioral interviews are graded on a curve; meaning your answers sounding good to you is not “good enough.” The key is for your answers to be BETTER than your competitors’ answers. And to figure out whether yours are actually better, you need someone who’s actually seen a lot of candidates interview, and has a large sample size of data to compare your answers against, to be able to accurately assess the situation for you. Moreover, chances are probably at last some of your behavioral answers could be improved. And in terms of figuring out HOW to improve your answers, you cannot be the person to critique yourself. After all, you came up with the answers in the first place, so you won’t be able to identify the mistakes you’re making in the first place.

  • What is the most efficient and most effective way to learn my technicals?

Just like anything else you try to learn in life – a foreign language, a new instrument, a sport, etc. – there are two ways to learn any new skill: 1) try to read some books or watch some videos, and teach it to yourself, or 2) find someone who is already a subject matter expert to teach it to you. Most of the time when students try to teach themselves technicals, it doesn’t work because “they don’t know what they don’t know.” Oftentimes, you may read something on a page and feel like you understand it, only to realize when you’re in an actual interview that you have no idea how to answer the question being asked. Memorizing these technical interview guides from front to back is a popular method, but also quite ineffective as interviewers nowadays are smart enough to change up or disguise the questions. To truly master your technicals in the shortest amount of time, you need an expert to personally teach it to you, help you connect all the dots, and answer any questions you may have. If you could learn from a professor or read a text book on your own, which do you think is better?

  • How do I know this isn't a scam...?

We appreciate this question. You should thoroughly vet the people you choose to work with… but ultimately this comes down to a couple of things. First, does what we’re saying “make sense”? Can you see how it would work? That’s the first step… if the education we’ve given you (for free) has made sense, then that’s the first thing you want to consider. Second, have you had a conversation with us? You can tell a LOT by getting on the phone with someone. Follow your gut. Third, listen to the client interviews above… and look at all the messages we receive from our clients on a daily basis. The amount of people we’ve helped – genuinely – get results. What do you think we threatened these people’s families into giving us this stuff? No. We’re very good at what we do and we authentically care about people. No scams here.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

Yeah. I guarantee that if you don’t make a change or get the help needed to change, you’ll grow VERY slowly at best, or likely not move at all. By the time you figure it out (if you ever do), the recruiting process will be over already. With how accelerated the investment banking recruiting timeline is nowadays, the candidates who win are the ones who are able to accomplish more than their competition in the same amount of time. We see it time & time again – there are NO guarantees in life (outside of death and taxes) EXCEPT that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, nothing will change, and you’ll get no results. Saying you just “gotta try harder” is naive at best, and totally destructive to your career prospects at worst. The “cost” of figuring this out alone is astronomically higher than the “investment” required to work together.

  • The WSMM Inner Wolfpack Program

The program is designed for the following types of candidates: 1) college students, 2) Masters in Finance students, 3) MBA students, 4) recent graduates with relevant accounting/finance work experience

Our expertise lies in transforming candidates who are committed and willing to work hard to achieve their goals, but just need some mentorship and guidance along the way to help them become more efficient and more effective.

We help our clients accentuate their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, and stand out against the competition — using our in-depth understanding of what top investment banks seek in their candidates, based on years of experience working on Wall Street and serving on Morgan Stanley’s on-campus recruiting team. Most clients acquire the skills and network they need within the first 30-60 days.


  • Perfecting Your Application Materials

If it’s still early enough, we will help you get relevant experience by giving you access to our members-only database (over 1,300 investment banks) and teaching you how to find internships that are “off-market” and not currently listed on job sites like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Using our methods, some of our clients have gotten their foot in the door even with zero relevant experience. We will also personally revise your resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile to tailor these documents based on what investment bankers like to see. This will increase your response rate during networking, and also maximize the chances of you being selected for interviews. Bankers spend less than 30 seconds on each resume and our process will help get your resume put in the “YES” pile.

  • Scaling & Optimizing the Networking Funnel

You need to maximize the number of bankers you talk to in order to be competitive. On average, our clients reach out to 250-300 bankers with our help. We provide you with systems and tools to streamline and automate the outreach process so that it’s easy, scalable and efficient. Once you have the numbers, we also show you how to convert these leads into actual interview referrals. Our program contains powerful scripts and follow-up sequences that have been tested to maximize response rate. You will learn how to master the networking conversations, learn the art of building rapport, learn the critical questions to ask/not ask, and the nonverbal cues that will leave a memorable impression. The end goal is to get 1-2 referrals at every investment bank you apply to.



  • Technical Interview Physical Mastery

This is often the part that people stress about the most, but we think it’s actually the easiest part. We’ve been able to prepare complete newbies in a single week. We cover everything from accounting / three statements, valuation methodologies, M&A math / accretion dilution, and LBOs. After we walk you through each module, we quiz you on the concepts to make you’re really understanding everything. All in all, the process of learning the concepts shouldn’t take more than ~15 hours total when done correctly with the guidance of an expert. Of course, we will also spend as much time as needed to answer all of your questions along the way. And most importantly, we will go through mock interviews and give you feedback until you’re 100% confident.

  • Behavioral Storytelling Benchmarking & Assessment

Most candidates simply come up with the best answers they can think of and hope for the best. Then when things go wrong, they have no idea why, and don’t get any feedback to improve on either. Having interviewed and helped hundreds of candidates, not only can we help you calibrate the quality of your answers against your competition based on a statistically significant sample size, we’ll point out the areas of improvement hidden in your blindspots. We’ll walk you through all the common behavioral questions you need to prepare for, show you how to best structure your answers, and give you proven frameworks to use. Most importantly, we will review every single one of your answers, word for word, and leave no stones unturned until your behavioral answers are perfect.


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