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This is the CRAZIEST offer we've ever made and here's why we're making it...

Over the last several years, we've worked with hundreds of students and seen EXTRAORDINARY results:

We’ve Consistently Maintained a ~90% Success Rate, Even Through COVID

Close to 90% of Our Successful Students End Up at a Top 50 Bank or on the Buyside

This is Despite the Fact That Less Than Half of These Students Go to Target Schools

And a Significant Portion of Our Successful Students Do Not Have a “Competitive” GPA

Top Investment Bank Acceptance Rates

Now Here's Why That's EXTRAORDINARY...

Put our results in context of the publicly available information released by the top bulge bracket and middle market investment banks in recent years…

The top investment banks are even more selective than ivy league schools, which average 4-9% acceptance rates

Not to Mention...

MOST of the students who make up these ridiculously low percentages typically: 

Come from either Ivy League schools or top undergraduate business programs ("target schools")
Have near perfect GPA's
​Have super stacked resumes full of relevant finance internships and extracurriculars

We don’t require our students to have any of these things, and many don’t… although if you do have these things, of course it’ll be even easier to get offers… likely from better banks too!

Best Offer We've Ever Made

Knowing what we now know about the results our students are able to get, and knowing how many people are still out there who could use our help, we put together the best offer we've ever made.

Don't Believe Us, Believe the Students We've Helped

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How Mike Got an Offer From Blackstone Private Equity

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How Jai Got 1 of the 6 Summer Analyst Offers for KKR Private Equity

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How Selin Went From Multiple Rejections Trying on Her Own to Landing Goldman TMT

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How Jesus Became the 1st Student From His Non-Target School To Get Into Carlyle Private Equity

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How Robin Went From Being a Refugee and First Gen College Student to Becoming a Bulge Bracket Banker

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How Luke Got Into Evercore From a Non-Target That Sends 2 Students Into Investment Banking Each Year

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How Hugh Got Offers From Morgan Stanley, Evercore, and Greenhill

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How Cameron Became One of the Few Students From His School to Land Elite Boutique Offers in NYC

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How Jenn Went From Getting No Interviews to Landing an Offer From PJT Partners

Our Guarantee: We Only Win If You Win

We Guarantee Our Program Will Get You A Job In Investment Banking

Or we'll refund every last cent of your investment.

We guarantee we’ll help you for as long as you need, answer as many questions as you want, and in general just provide unlimited guidance and coaching until you get the job.

Because if you don't get the job, we don't make any money.

All you have to do is follow a system that’s been proven by hundreds of students around the world. It’s as simple as that.

And for students with a need for financial assistance, we also offer the option for you to pay us only after you get paid by the investment bank that hires you. This makes our program affordable for anyone who wants our help.
Our Mission

Best Case

Worst Case

Either way, We Promise to Raise Both Your "Floor" and Your "Ceiling"... With your odds of failure reduced to almost zero.

If you’re already a rockstar candidate (top school, top grades, great resume)…

We’ll elevate your game even more so that you’re not JUST breaking into investment banking, but getting MULTIPLE offers from the BEST banks out there so that you can CHOOSE… 

And if you’re NOT a rockstar yet, that’s totally OK too!

A lot of our students were in your shoes when they first started with us, and it’s our job to help you get there. You just have to bring a great work ethic AND follow our proven strategies.

To Get Started, Let Us Show You Exactly How our process works...

Enter your info below so that we can show you how we are able to guarantee that you'll get a job offer, either through our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE or INCOME SHARE AGREEMENTS