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The New Way of Investment Banking Recruiting Prep That Gives You a Competitive Advantage Over 99% of Your Peers

For the last 10+ years...The majority of students who aspired to break into investment banking have struggled…
This is because for most people, there have only been two ways to prepare

This is because for most people, there have only been two ways to prepare:

  • Memorizing interview guides, or
  • Taking financial modeling courses

Even though it was far from ideal, for a long time these were the best and ONLY recruiting resources available… Fortunately, that’s no longer the case today.

The strategies that used to be somewhat effective back then, are no longer a competitive advantage today. What changed?

  • The competition has caught up, and everyone has access to these same interview guides and courses now
  • The interviewers know this as well, which is why they’ve started asking harder questions that are not just from the popular interview guides
  • ​The recruiting timeline keeps moving up earlier each year, leaving students less time to prepare
  • Financial modeling courses are extremely confusing and time consuming (100+ hours), not to mention none of the top 50 investment banks give modeling tests during interviews
The strategies that used to be somewhat effective back then, are no longer a competitive advantage today

You're not alone

If you're still using these outdated strategies, you're not alone...

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Wall Street Mastermind Before VS After

As you can see… something started changing a few years ago. In search of a new competitive advantage, a small group of students discovered a better way of preparing for investment banking recruiting…

The secret was to get coached by a network consisting of actual investment bankers and recruiters from all the top investment banks in the world. People who were not only knowledgeable about what the investment banks looked for, but could also be highly responsive and just a quick text message or phone call away.

Unlike most bankers or recruiters you’ll network with, these investment bankers also have a vested interest in the student’s success, and are highly motivated to help… which means you actually get detailed personalized advice for any questions that you may have, with the shortest turnaround time possible.

Which coach should you go with

This strategy is still a huge competitive advantage today because:

If this all makes sense to you, then the only question left is…

Why is Wall Street Mastermind the best option for me?

Answer: We Have the Longest and Most Successful Track Record, Provide the Most Comprehensive and Personalized Support, Delivered by the Most Experienced and Qualified Coaches

Track Record and Credibility

First company in the US to launch this long-term coaching model for IB recruiting back in 2018

Largest alumni network with 1,100+ students coached and counting

Only the best coaches, including former Global Heads of Recruiting at multiple bulge bracket banks and top buyside firms

Free initial consultation

Reference calls w/ past students from our program upon request

Verifiable video & audio testimonials w/ real students who are fully doxxed

Money Back Guarantee plans: investment banking offer or full refund

Need- and merit-based financial aid available for those who qualify


“Candidate Branding Makeover™” training

Help you get finance internships (no prior experience required)

Gain real world experience by writing for the WSMM newsletter

Resume / cover letter templates & checklist

"Quick wins" for instant resume boost

Diversity program directory

Application / deadline tracking for major banks (BB, EB, MM)

UNLIMITED resume / cover letter revisions

UNLIMITED app essays revisions

UNLIMITED Linkedin profile edits


“Funnel Optimization Networking™” system training

Private networking forum for real-time Q&A w/ coaches and alumni at top banks

Networking conversation script for effortless referrals

Proprietary system to reduce networking time spent by 90%

Email & follow up scripts for maximum response rate

Live critique and role play of networking calls

Internship / job opps and referrals shared by alumni network

UNLIMITED revisions of your networking emails

In-person networking events with alumni network

Technical Interviews

“Accelerated Technical Mastery™” method training (learn everything you need in under 30 hours)

Private technical forum for real-time Q&A w/ coaches and alumni

Database w/ thousands of actual interview questions sourced from all the top banks & buyside firms

An entire library of useful guides and resources - all for FREE

Free financial modeling templates for extra practice

UNLIMITED technical mock interviews as needed

UNLIMITED reviews of presentations / case studies

UNLIMITED reviews of financial models

Behavioral Interviews

WSMM behavioral interview questionnaire & training

Have a former global head of recruiting at multiple bulge bracket banks pick the best stories for you to use in your interviews

Private behavioral forum for real-time Q&A w/ coaches and alumni

Trainings on Pymetrics, Suited personality tests, and online situational assessments

Scientific data and frameworks on answers that worked in securing hundreds of offers from top banks

UNLIMITED revisions of your behavioral interview answers

UNLIMITED behavioral mock interviews as needed

Additional Support Needed

24/7 instant messaging access with up to 4 coaches in your private group chat

24/7 instant messaging access with all program alumni through community group chat

1:1 coaching calls on demand

3x / week live Q&A coaching calls

2x / week mock interview coaching calls

UNLIMITED support from now until you secure your offers

Guidance on offer selection and acceleration

Career planning and advice on breaking into the buyside after investment banking

But our program is NOT for everyone...

If you are someone who currently:

  • Doesn’t feel a sense of urgency with your recruiting process
  • Has too much ego and pride to admit that there’s someone out there who has done this thousands of times and can absolutely help you perform better than you could on your own
  • Doesn’t understand the value of investing in your career and future
  • Is content with your competition having significant competitive advantages that you won’t have during the recruiting process
  • Is OK with settling for something that’s less than the best outcome possible and can live with not maximizing your own potential
  • Is lazy and just looking for a shortcut because you aren’t willing to do the work but you just want the reward

Then honestly, we are not for you… so please don’t apply.


However… If you're dead serious about breaking into investment banking, meaning:

Then, Wall Street Mastermind is the ONLY coaching program of its kind for you.

To get a personalized recruiting game plan so that you can secure a top investment banking offer

Then, Wall Street Mastermind is the ONLY coaching program of its kind for you

The Proof is in the Pudding

Our Students Get Extraordinary Results Compared to Peers With Similar Profiles

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How Mike Got an Offer From Blackstone Private Equity

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How Jai Got 1 of the 6 Summer Analyst Offers for KKR Private Equity

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How Selin Went From Multiple Rejections Trying on Her Own to Landing Goldman TMT

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How Jesus Became the 1st Student From His Non-Target School To Get Into Carlyle Private Equity

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How Robin Went From Being a Refugee and First Gen College Student to Becoming a Bulge Bracket Banker

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How Luke Got Into Evercore From a Non-Target That Sends 2 Students Into Investment Banking Each Year

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How Hugh Got Offers From Morgan Stanley, Evercore, and Greenhill

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How Cameron Became One of the Few Students From His School to Land Elite Boutique Offers in NYC

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How Jenn Went From Getting No Interviews to Landing an Offer From PJT Partners

Financial Aid Available For Those Who Qualify

We offer financial aid to students in need who we believe are deserving and worth betting on. Because finances should never get in the way of getting your dream job… we offer packages to fit nearly any budget.