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If you’re a parent who’s considering whether to invest in Wall Street Mastermind for your son/daughter, you might have some of the same questions below. Hear from our client Jacob and his dad Elvis on how they thought about this investment. Jacob got 3 job offers despite being a non-target school student and ultimately accepted the offer from JPMorgan (top 3 investment bank). Behind every successful student is a supportive parent, and Elvis is one of the most supportive parents we’ve met to date!


What's the urgency with the investment banking recruiting timeline and why it hurts to delay...

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Why can't my kid just use the resources already available at school? Isn't that enough?

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You think if your kid can't get in on his/her own, then he/she doesn't deserve it? This is for you...

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Why Elvis picked Wall Street Mastermind over the other recruiting prep resources out there...

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Don't think your kid is good enough to make it?Hear how Jacob overcame his self doubt...

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How Elvis and Jacob overcame their initial skepticism about Wall Street Mastermind...

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The clips above are just the highlights… If you want to watch the entire interview from the beginning to the end, you can find it below:

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