3.4-3.6 GPA Student Interviews

Check out how these students were able to make up for their average GPA by becoming exceptional in all other aspects of their candidacy

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Selin (Berkeley)

Went From Being Intimidated and Having Self Doubt to Goldman Sachs TMT

Selin discovered investment banking during sophomore year, but wasn't sure if she was good enough to break into such a competitive field. Despite some help from the finance club members, she got rejected from all of her applications. Hear how joining Wall Street Mastermind helped her secure a sophomore summer internship from Deutsche Bank, followed by a junior summer internship from Goldman Sachs' TMT group.

Armin (U of San Diego)

Got Two BB and One MM Offers From a School With Only 1 Banking Alumnus

Our student Armin attends a non-target school that has only one alumnus working in banking. During his conversation with the alumnus, he was told that he was too late to recruiting and should target another career and try for Investment Banking again after getting an MBA. Rather than being discouraged, Armin got the help he needed from WSMM and ended up receiving three offers from bulge bracket and middle market banks.

Matthew (Harvard)

Came to WSMM After Failing On His Own and Then Ended Up at Lazard

Our student Matthew went to Harvard and had multiple relevant finance experiences on his resume. He considered joining WSMM freshman year but passed initially because he thought he could break into a top tier bank by himself. After failing the superdays for three different bulge bracket banks, he decided to join WSMM to learn a more effective and efficient way of preparing for interviews. Hear how he turned things around to secure an offer from Lazard.

Michael (Vanderbilt)

Delayed Graduation and Got Into Investment Banking on His 2nd Try

Our client Michael was originally unsuccessful with Investment banking recruiting due to his average GPA, semi-target school, and a complicated story. We helped him come up with a creative strategy to have a second shot at recruiting, and guided him through the application, networking, and interviewing process. Hear him talk about his roller-coaster recruiting process and how he ultimately was able to secure an offer from Jefferies.

Joe (UC Irvine)

Became One of the Only Students to Break Into IB From His Non-Target School

Our student Joe joined WSMM as a junior from a non-target school. To make matters worse, he initially had no relevant internships or extracurricular activities on his resume. With our help, he delayed his graduation, started networking, and secured multiple relevant internships to build up his resume. Hear how he broke into a middle market bank from a school that sends no more than two to three students into investment banking each year.

Paolo (USC Marshall)

From IB Reject at Non-Target Undergrad to Redemption as MBA

Our student Paolo is a perfect story of perseverance and resilience. After trying to recruit for investment banking unsuccessfully from a non-target school back in college, he went back to business school to reapply for summer associate positions. After not seeing much success initially, hear him talk about how Wall Street Mastermind was able to help him turn it around just in time before the investment banking recruiting cycle ended.

Dylan (Chicago)

Got a Bulge Bracket Offer Despite a 3.4 GPA and Late Start

Our student Dylan recently received a bulge bracket summer internship offer despite completely missing the accelerated recruiting timeline and only having a 3.4 GPA. Hear Dylan talk about his recruiting process and how Wall Street Mastermind was able to help him turn it around and get an amazing outcome in the end. He also gives his recruiting advice to those of you who are still recruiting. Make sure you check this interview out!

Edgar (Berkeley)

Breaking Into Investment Banking From Corporate Banking

Our student Edgar recently received an offer from an upper middle market investment bank despite missing the accelerated recruiting timeline during sophomore year, only having a 3.4 GPA, and eventually having to work in corporate banking for his summer internship first. Hear Edgar talk about his journey and how he was able to pull this off against the odds. Make sure you check this interview out to hear Edgar’s advice!

Justin (Lehigh)

Broke Into a Leading Healthcare Investment Bank From a Non-Target

Our student Justin used to get recruiting advice from alumni. Until one day, a banker read his cover letter and told him he should be able to get an interview... only for him to get rejected 3 days later. That's when he realized bankers were giving him superficial advice at best. Hear how he overcame his mom's skepticism to join Wall Street Mastermind, and what she said to him when he got into a leading healthcare investment bank.

Simarleen (UT Austin)

Secured a Full Time Offer From Jefferies Despite No Return Offer From Truist

Our client Simarleen interned at Truist during both her sophomore and junior summer. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive a return offer because of COVID-19. Recruiting for a full-time offer is harder than getting a summer internship because there are way fewer spots. Recruiting without a return offer makes it even harder, since banks will question why you didn’t get an offer. Hear how Simarleen turned herself around and got an offer from an even better bank.

Noa (NYU)

Broke Into IB Without the Help of Any On-Campus Finance Feeder Clubs

Our student Noa is a liberal arts major at NYU who decided to switch from consulting to investment banking halfway through his sophomore year of college. He was rejected by all the finance clubs on campus and realized he was unprepared but running out of time. Hear how WSMM gave him the support he needed so that he could compete with all the students from Stern who had a lot more resources at their disposal.

Rahul (Virginia McIntire)

From Small Regional Boutique Intern to 2 Top-Tier Middle Market Offers

Our student Rahul was caught off guard by the accelerated summer internship recruiting process but secured a small regional boutique offer. Not satisfied, he came to Wall Street Mastermind for help with the full-time investment banking recruiting process, which was going to be even harder given the few number of jobs available. Listen here for Rahul's advice and story on how he recruited for a better full-time offer.

George (Harvard)

Late Pivot From Consulting to I-Banking and Still Landed Bulge Bracket Offer

Our student George originally wanted to get into consulting before switching to investment banking. With no relevant experience, he tried his best to recruit. Things were looking bleak… until he found Wall Street Mastermind in July. Fast forward two months, George has secured an offer from Barclays just a month into his junior year. Hear him talk about the difference between information and transformation.

Evan (Wharton)

Passed on WSMM at First, But Came Back 2 Months Later to Land MM Offers

Our student Evan found Wall Street Mastermind during August of junior year, but felt confident that he'd recruit successfully on his own. After getting numerous 1st round interviews and not advancing to any superdays, he came back to WSMM 2 months later. In the end, we helped him get multiple offers from middle market banks. Hear why he thinks starting WSMM earlier would have gotten him an even better outcome.

Tyler (Illinois State)

From Community College to Non-Target to Valuation to Middle Market Bank

Our student Tyler started at a community college and transferred to a non-target school, after which he graduated into a role at a small valuation firm. As a father of a 3-year-old, he couldn't quit his job and go the traditional MBA route to lateral into IB. So Tyler joined WSMM and accomplished the same thing for a tiny fraction of the cost. Hear how Tyler was able to land an offer from a reputable middle market bank.

Zeb (NYU)

From 0 for 20 on Apps to 7 Interviews and Middle Market Offer

Our student Zeb attends NYU, but in the College of Arts and Sciences, which is a non-target, unlike Stern. Prior to joining Wall Street Mastermind, he had applied to ~20 firms and gotten zero interviews. After working with us, he got interviews from 7 different firms, before eventually accepting an offer from his top middle-market bank. Hear him talk about what enabled him to make such a huge turnaround!

Alex (RIT)

Landed a Job, Lost It Due to COVID-19, Then Got an Even Better Offer

Our student Alex originally came to us as a senior from a non-target after failing to secure an investment banking summer internship. We helped him go from a middle office internship to a full-time middle market private equity offer, which was an amazing outcome. However, his offer got rescinded when COVID-19 hit. Hear how Alex used WSMM to recruit for a second time, and this time around ended up with an even better full-time offer from Jefferies.

Vincent (Temple)

From Homeless to Breaking Into a BB Bank From a Non-Target School

Our student Vincent had such a tough time growing up that he was homeless at one point. To pay for college, he took out a massive amount of student loans, which really put the pressure on him to graduate with a high paying job. As a non-target student, the odds were stacked against him. But after sitting on the fence for almost a year, he finally joined WSMM and got the help he needed to secure a bulge bracket offer.

Sriman (Berkeley)

From 3.5 GPA and No Networking or Technical Knowledge to IB

Our student Sriman recently received an offer from an upper middle market investment bank despite only having a 3.5 GPA and not knowing how to network or answer technical questions initially. After he joined WSMM, he was able to polish up all those skills. Hear Sriman talk about how he was able to improve his resume, networking, technical knowledge, and behavioral interviewing skills all at once. You do not want to miss Sriman’s advice!

Maahin (Trinity College)

Got a Full Time Offer Despite Not Having a Junior Summer Internship in IB

Our student Maahin attends a small non-target school and didn't learn about IB until late sophomore year. Caught off guard by how quickly IB recruiting happens, he failed to secure a single interview despite putting in 5-6 months of work on his own. He came to WSMM during his junior summer while working a non-IB internship, and with our help secured a full-time offer from the leading cannabis IB team on Wall Street.

Bowen (Berkeley)

Secured a Middle Market Offer Without Joining Any Student Business Clubs

Our student Bowen studied at a target school but hadn’t joined any of his school’s professional orgs or investment banking clubs. He felt like he was unsure how to secure the job he wanted. After hearing about how other students from his school broke into banking through WSMM, he was convinced this was a viable path for him too. Hear how he landed three different offers before eventually accepting a job at a top middle market bank.

Krish (Carnegie Mellon)

Successfully Lateraled From Sales and Trading Into Investment Banking

Our client Krish came to us as a junior trader/desk analyst on the leveraged loan desk at Cantor Fitzgerald. He wanted to switch from sales and trading to investment banking, and wanted help from Wall Street Mastermind with the technical interview process. Hear him talk about why he chose to get our coaching, and why that was more effective than the interview guides and financial modeling courses he was using before.

Qudus (USC Marshall MBA)

Went From GS Back Office to Becoming an IB Associate at an Elite Boutique

Our student Qudus grew up in Nigeria and moved to the US for college. After working as an accountant at JPMorgan and Goldman, he went to business school to transition into investment banking. He was referred to Wall Street Mastermind by an alum from his MBA program who also landed a bulge bracket offer with our help. Hear how he ultimately secured an offer with Guggenheim to make his own dreams come true.

Nathaniel (Notre Dame)

Went From No Finance Internship on His Resume to a Growth Equity Offer

Our student Nathaniel was a transfer student who didn't know about investment banking until late sophomore year. Knowing he was being the curve, he decided to get 1:1 help from Wall Street Mastermind. Within his first month, he immediately secured an internship at a small private equity firm to boost his resume. Hear how he eventually leveraged that to break into growth equity directly without doing investment banking first.

Claire (Berkeley)

Broke Into Equity Research at Citi After Realizing IB Wasn’t For Her

Our client Claire originally thought she wanted to pursue investment banking, but after networking with various industry professionals and being mentored by an equity research analyst, she realized that her true interest was in equity research. Hear how she was able to apply what she learned in WSMM to land her dream equity research job at Citi. She also shares her advice on the difference between the investment banking and equity research recruiting process.

Vlad (Nebraska)

Broke Into Investment Banking With a Masters in Management Degree

Our client Vlad studied at a small non-target school in Nebraska before getting into Duke for a 1-year Masters in Management (MMS) degree. With just a couple of months until graduation, he realised nothing was really working out for in vestment banking recruiting, so he joined Wall Street Mastermind to set himself on the right path. Hear how he landed an offer despite being so late in the recruiting process.

Kyle (Berkeley Haas)

Went From Community College Transfer to Getting Into IB at the Last Minute

Our client Kyle started school at a community college, but then transferred to UC Berkeley junior year. He thought his life was set, until senior year when he realized he wanted to become an investment banker. Now only was he extremely late to the game, most of his competition had been preparing since freshman year. Hear how he beat the odds with WSMM’s help, despite his extremely late start in the recruiting process.