Recent Graduate Interviews:

Check out how these students were able to get into banking despite starting extremely late after having already graduated from college

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Tristan (Virginia Military Institute)

From Non-Target, 3.0 GPA and Already Graduated to Middle Market Offer

Our student Tristan came to us in July, AFTER he had already graduated from college. To make matters worse, he had just a 3.0 GPA, and was from a non-target school. His mom thought our program was a scam, but he trusted his gut and did it anyway. By October, we had helped him landa full-time investment banking offer from a middle market bank. Hear him talk about how he overcame seemingly impossible odds.

David (Northeastern)

Joined May of Senior Year and Got 2 Offers at the Very Last Minute

Our student David discovered Wall Street  Mastermind junior year, but initially thought it was a scam and decided to recruit on his own. After eight months, David got five interviews and no offers. He finally joined WSMM a month before graduating, and in just two months, made it to three superdays and got two offers. Hear him talk about how he was able to turn it around so quickly and land his dream job despite his late start.

Mike (Bowdoin)

Got Jefferies Offer Despite Being Graduated, 3.2 GPA, and No Experience

Our student Mike joined WSMM in July after graduating from college. Despite being already graduated, only having a 3.2 GPA, and no relevant internship experiences on his resume, he went to work using the system WSMM taught him. After three months of an excruciating grind, he came out of the other side with an offer from Jefferies. Hear how he was able to defy the odds and get such an amazing outcome.

Lateral Hire Interviews:

Check out how these young professionals were able to lateral into banking from other industries after not being able to break in from undergrad

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Krish (Carnegie Mellon)

Successfully Lateraled From Sales and Trading Into Investment Banking

Our student Krish came to us as a junior trader/desk analyst on the leveraged loan desk at Cantor Fitzgerald. He wanted to switch from sales and trading to investment banking, and wanted our help with the technical interview process. Hear him talk about why he chose to get our coaching, and why that was more effective than the interview guides and financial modeling courses he was using before.

Paul (Central Florida)

Lateraled From Big 4 Audit to Banking During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our student Paul didn't know he wanted to do investment banking under after he graduated from college. After spending 2 years as an auditor at a Big 4 firm, he finally got the help he needed to pursue his dream career from Wall Street Mastermind. Not only did make the switch successfully, but he did it all during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear how he was able to overcome the odds to accomplish this.

Tyler (Illinois State)

From Community College to Non-Target to Valuation to Middle Market Bank

Our student Tyler started at a community college and transferred to a non-target school, after which he graduated into a role at a small valuation firm. As a father of a 3-year-old, he couldn't quit his job and go the traditional MBA route to lateral into IB. So Tyler joined WSMM and accomplished the same thing for a tiny fraction of the cost. Hear how Tyler was able to land an offer from a reputable middle market bank.

Masters Student Interviews

Check out how these students were able to get into banking by getting a Masters degree (typically MBA or MSF)

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Paolo (USC Marshall)

From IB Reject at Non-Target Undergrad to Redemption as MBA

Our student Paolo is a perfect story of perseverance and resilience. After trying to recruit for investment banking unsuccessfully from a non-target school back in college, he went back to business school to reapply for summer investment banking associate positions. After not seeing much success initially, hear him talk about how Wall Street Mastermind  helped him turn it around just in time before the recruiting cycle ended.

Kevin (Florida A&M)

From Non-Target MBA Program to Multiple Bulge Bracket Offers

Our student Kevin had been dreaming of IB for 15 years before joining WSMM. In between, he tried entrepreneurship, worked in ministry, served in the Army, got a Masters in Finance, and worked at a state prison. Unable to break into IB, he decided to join WSMM during his MBA program at Florida A&M. Hear how he landed multiple bulge bracket offers with our help despite not having any prior finance work experience.

Qudus (USC Marshall MBA)

From Goldman Back Office to MBA to IB Associate at an Elite Boutique

Our student Qudus grew up in Nigeria and moved to the US for college. After working as an accountant at JPMorgan and Goldman, he went to business school to transition into investment banking. He was referred to Wall Street Mastermind by an alum from his MBA program who also landed a bulge bracket offer with our help. Hear how he ultimately secured an offer with Guggenheim to make his own dreams come true.

Alex (RIT)

Landed a Job, Lost It Due to COVID-19, Then Got an Even Better Offer

Our student Alex originally came to us as a senior from a non-target after failing to secure an investment banking summer internship. We helped him go from a middle office internship to a full-time middle market private equity offer, which was an amazing outcome. However, his offer got rescinded when COVID-19 hit. Hear how Alex used WSMM to recruit for a second time, and this time around ended up with an even better full-time offer from Jefferies.

Pavan (Case Western)

From Masters Candidate at a Non-Target School to a Guggenheim Offer

Our student Pavan studied at a small non-target school called Case Western. He realised that he wanted to get into banking towards the end of freshman year, but couldn’t get any interviews. During senior year, after realizing his own strategies weren’t working and that time was running out, he joined WSMM. Hear how he was able to secure an offer at an elite boutique despite his extremely late start with recruiting and being from a non-target school.

Jared (Brandeis)

Landed Jefferies by Networking With 350 Bankers Despite Having Few Alumni

Our student Jared is from a small non-target liberal arts school that has barely sent any alumni to Wall Street in recent years. Despite these odds, Jared learned how to network from Wall Street Mastermind and ended up speaking with 350 bankers during his recruiting process. Hear how he was able to get selected for interviews with 10 firms, move on to multiple superdays, and eventually secure an offer from Jefferies.

Dean (Lehigh)
Learned All of His Technicals in Just 1 Week to Land an Offer

Our client Dean was able to secure a summer analyst offer despite going to a non-target school and not having any relevant finance experience. What’s even more impressive is that he learned all of his technicals in just one week (yes, with our help). Hear Dean talk about how he was able to “bankify” his story and shorten his preparation time to still be successful despite the accelerated recruiting timeline.

Michael (Vanderbilt)

Delayed Graduation and Got Into Investment Banking on His 2nd Try

Our student Michael was originally unsuccessful with recruiting due to his average GPA, semi-target school, and a complicated story. After he joined WSMM, we helped him come up with a creative strategy to have a second shot at recruiting, and guided him through the application, networking, and interviewing process for IB. Hear him talk about his roller-coaster recruiting process and how he ultimately was able to secure an offer from Jefferies.

Vlad (Nebraska)

Broke Into Investment Banking With a Masters in Management Degree

Our client Vlad studied at a small non-target school in Nebraska before getting into Duke for a 1-year Masters in Management (MMS) degree. With just a couple of months until graduation, he realised nothing was really working out for recruiting, so he joined Wall Street Mastermind to set himself on the right path. Hear how he landed an offer despite being so late in the investment banking recruiting process.