Target School Student Interviews

Check out how our target school students gain a competitive edge and stand out against other highly qualified students at their own schools

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Bradley (Dartmouth)
Landed Every Elite Boutique and Bulge Bracket Offer He Applied For

Our student Bradley is a rising junior who has already secured offers from banks like Perella Weinberg, Citi, and Evercore. As of this interview, he’s also been fast-tracked to superday interviews with Goldman Sachs (update: got the offer). Hear him talk about how he went from a bioengineering major who knew very little, to securing offers from every bank he’s applied to so far (100% offer rate).

Sydney (Wharton)

Landed 5 Superdays & Turned Down 1st Offer Before Accepting Centerview

Our student Sydney first started feeling behind with IB recruiting when she saw all her Wharton friends applying for sophomore summer internships while she hadn't even given recruiting any thought. She initially tried to research IB using Google and Youtube but found it highly ineffective. After joining WSMM, she secured numerous 1st rounds and 5 superdays, eventually accepting an offer from Centerview.

Kelly (Stanford)

From an Already Good Investment Banking Candidate to Being the Best

Our student Kelly studied at a target school and was actually pretty qualified for banking. Although he knew he could probably get into banking by himself, he didn’t want just any bank; he wanted to be at one of the top groups in a top bank. To do that, he knew the resources at school weren’t enough to help him stand out. Hear how WSMM helped him land offers from two of the top three technology investment banking groups on Wall Street.

Matthew (Harvard)

Came to WSMM After Failing On His Own and Then Ended Up at Lazard

Our student Matthew went to Harvard and had multiple relevant finance experiences on his resume. He considered joining WSMM freshman year but passed initially because he thought he could break into a top tier bank by himself. After failing the superdays for three different bulge bracket banks, he decided to join WSMM to learn a more effective and efficient way of preparing for interviews. Hear how he turned things around to secure an offer from Lazard.

Kyle (Duke)
3 Offers (2 BB’s and 1 MM) to Follow in His Dad’s Footsteps

Our student Kyle was a rising junior in college and the son of a long-time investment banker and private equity investor. Ever since he was young, he’s wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps. Hear him explain why he decided to get help from Wall Street Mastermind despite already having his dad in his corner, as well as how he ended up with three different offers from top tier banks to choose from.

Andy (Chicago)
Confidently Turned Down Private Equity Offer and Ended Up With Goldman Sachs

Our student Andy had all the typical resources at his disposal (interview guides, finance clubs, etc.). He joined WSMM after realizing how those resources really weren't enough to stand out. Hear him talk about how WSMM helped him secure interviews with almost every bank he applied to, get multiple superdays, and even confidently turn down a private equity offer before eventually getting an offer at Goldman Sachs.

Jason (Brown)

Lateraled From Middle Market Summer Internship to Elite Boutique For Full Time

Our student Jason didn't realize he wanted to do IB until the summer before junior year. After interviewing with 10-11 banks, he ended up getting just one middle market offer for his junior summer internship. Not satisfied, he decided to enroll in WSMM to take his interviewing skills to the next level in preparation for full-time recruiting, ultimately securing an elite boutique offer from just the second firm he interviewed with.

Sinan (Wharton)
4 Offers (Including 3 BB’s) as an International Student

Our student Sinan is an international student from Turkey who recently secured 4 summer internship offers, include 3 from top-tier bulge bracket banks. We all know that the bar for hiring is much higher when you need visa sponsorship from the banks; hear Sinan talk about how he was able to overcome this challenge, land his dream job, and make his parents proud.

Jack (Michigan)

Chose IB Over Consulting and Ended Up at an Elite Boutique

Our student Jack joined WSMM right before sophomore year, when he was still choosing between investment banking and consulting. Prior to joining WSMM, he already had a pretty good resume with his school, GPA, and relevant experiences. With that said, he knew that anything less than a BB or EB bank would be a disappointment. Hear how he ultimately decided on IB and used the help he received from WSMM to land an elite boutique offer.

Edward (UVA Mclntire)

Broke Into Banking Despite Starting Late Without Any Finance Feeder Clubs

Our student Edward was not a member of any of the prestigious finance feeder clubs at his target school, where most of the successful IB candidates came from. Because of this, recruiting caught him by surprise and he started the process late. After interning at a small boutique bank during his junior summer, he recruited again for full-time and was able to successfully secure an offer from Rothschild.

Chan (Dartmouth)

Liberal Arts Background to Landing an Offer From a Top Bulge Bracket

Our student Chan was a liberal arts student who didn’t have much of a finance background. He thought he had a solid shot at breaking into IB, but joined WSMM sophomore year because he only wanted to break into the best banks possible. Hear how he was able to do exactly that within just 4 months of joining the program, ultimately receiving an offer from one of the top groups at GS/MS/JPM.

Takashi (Cornell)

Came In With Zero Background in Finance and Secured BofA Tokyo Offer

Our student Takashi is someone who didn't have any background, resources, or information in investment banking. Despite this, he leveraged Wall Street Mastermind's help to secure an investment banking offer from Bank of America in the Tokyo office. Hear him talk about the difference between recruiting in the US and Asia, and why WSMM's program can help you no matter which office you recruit for.

Shawn (Columbia)

Int'l Student With 3.2 GPA Who Overcame the Odds to Secure Three Offers

Our student Shawn was a sophomore international student with a 3.2 GPA when he joined our program. Hear his advice on how to recruit effectively as an international student when the bar is higher due to the need of a visa sponsorship. Also hear how he was able to get not just one, but three different internship offers despite the odds being seemingly stacked against him.

Pedro (Wharton)

Secured Offers From Morgan Stanley and Evercore as an International Student

Our student Pedro is an international student at Wharton. During freshman year, he applied to many bulge bracket diversity programs, but failed 5-6 first round interviews in a row. He quickly realized that getting interviews wasn’t a problem for him, but none of it mattered if he couldn’t ace the interviews. Hear how he joined WSMM junior year, completely transformed his interviewing skills, and landed offers from both Morgan Stanley and Evercore.

Jared (Dartmouth)
Received 15 Interviews and Passed on His Citi Offer to Accept Bain Capital

Our student Jared started working with WSMM during his sophomore spring. His original approach of reading interview guides that he received from upperclassmen wasn't working for him, so he decided to get help. Hear him talk about how he was able to secure 15 different interviews, and why he ultimately chose a role at private equity firm Bain Capital over the bulge bracket Citi.

Sandalina (Berkeley Haas)

Community College Transfer Who Proved Doubters Wrong and Broke Into IB

Our student Sandalina was a community college transfer who wanted to break into investment banking. Despite many people telling her that it would be impossible, it wasn't her personality to give up easily. Hear how she learned what she needed from WSMM in the shortest amount of time possible, and ultimately became one of four students to receive an offer from her bank out of over 400 applicants.

George (Harvard)
Late Pivot From Consulting to I-Banking and Still Landed Bulge Bracket Offer

Our student George originally wanted to get into consulting before switching to investment banking. With no relevant experience, he tried his best to recruit. Things were looking bleak… until he found Wall Street Mastermind in July. Fast forward two months, George has secured an offer from Barclays just a month into his junior year. Hear him talk about the difference between information and transformation.

Nathan (NYU Stern)

Overcame Skepticism About WSMM to Secure Sponsorship for Internship

Our student Nathan joined halfway through sophomore year as an international student. Despite having someone who had never used WSMM warning him that the program was a total scam, he did his own research and decided to take the plunge. Hear the difference WSMM made for him and how we helped him secure a banking internship despite a significant reduction in visa sponsorships during COVID-19.

Dylan (Chicago)

Got a Bulge Bracket Offer Despite a 3.4 GPA and Late Start

Our student Dylan recently received a bulge bracket summer internship offer despite completely missing the accelerated recruiting timeline and only having a 3.4 GPA. Hear Dylan talk about his recruiting process and how he was able to turn it around and get an amazing outcome in the end. He also gives his advice to those of you who are still recruiting. Make sure you check this interview out!

Rahul (UVA McIntire)

From Small Regional Boutique Intern to 2 Top-Tier Middle Market Offers

Our student Rahul was caught off guard by the accelerated summer internship recruiting process but secured a small regional boutique offer. Not satisfied, he came to us for help with the full-time recruiting process, which was going to be even harder given the few number of jobs available. Listen here for Rahul's advice and story on how he recruited for a better full-time offer.

Tyler (Duke)

Followed His Brother Into WSMM and Secured a Bulge Bracket Offer

Our student Tyler was feeling lost with recruiting prior to joining WSMM. He wasn't getting a lot of traction with his networking and was starting to feel overwhelmed given how much further along his peers at school were. He learned about WSMM through his older brother, who also recruited successfully through our program. Hear how he caught up to his peers with WSMM's help and secured a BB offer.

Allison (Cornell)

From Being Uncertain About IB to Landing an Offer From PJT Partners

Our student Allison wasn’t 100% sure about investment banking when she joined WSMM, which makes her pretty different from most of our other clients, but she joined anyway because she knew that even if she didn’t end up doing banking, she would learn invaluable life skills inside of WSMM. Hear about how she secured an offer from PJT Partners despite initially not knowing much about networking, behavioral or technical interviews.

Justin (Michigan Ross)

Got 2 Full-time Offers Despite Not Getting a Return Offer From Summer Internship

Our student Justin joined WSMM after not getting a full-time return offer at the end of his junior summer internship. He knew how much more difficult full-time recruiting was going to be, and how efficient he had to be if he wanted to secure one of the few jobs that were left. Hear him talk about how WSMM helped him prep for his interviews much more efficiently, and ultimately helped him secure two full-time offers.

Steve (Dartmouth)

From Failing Multiple Superdays to Landing the Perfect Offer

Our student Steve came to us at the beginning of junior year, after having failed a couple of superday interviews on his own. He was referred to us by our client Bradley after seeing how much better Bradley did during with recruiting. Despite coming to us quite late for help, hear Steve talk about how he was ultimately able to secure a middle market offer that ended up being a phenomenal fit with his background.

Evan (Wharton)

Passed on WSMM at First, But Came Back 2 Months Later to Land MM Offers

Our student Evan found WSMM during August of junior year, but felt confident that he'd recruit successfully on his own. After getting numerous 1st round interviews and not advancing to any superdays, he came back to WSMM two months later. In the end, we helped him get multiple offers from middle market banks. Hear why he thinks starting WSMM earlier would have gotten him an even better outcome.

Bryant (Chicago)

Int'l Student Who Received Both Evercore NYC and Morgan Stanley HK Offers

Our student Bryant was an international student from Korea who became interested in banking after serving his military duty. Hear him explain why the help he got from WSMM was more useful than the advice he received from upperclassmen. We also discussed the difference in IB recruiting between the US and Asia, given he got offers from both Evercore NYC and Morgan Stanley Hong Kong.

Kyle (Berkeley Haas)

Went From Community College Transfer to Getting Into Banking at the Last Minute

Our student Kyle started school at a community college, but then transferred to UC Berkeley junior year. He thought his life was set, until senior year when he realized he wanted to become an investment banker. Now only was he extremely late to the game, most of his competition had been preparing since freshman year. Hear how he beat the odds with WSMM’s help, despite his extremely late start in the recruiting process.