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Technology – Jan. ’24 Recap

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February 12, 2024

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We are excited to release the fourth (and first of 2024) issue of our monthly newsletter Sector Spotlight

This is a comprehensive newsletter coupled with decks for the current or aspiring investment banker/PE investor, diving deep into the qualitative and quantitative nature of transactions, businesses, and trends across sectors, from the POV of an investment banker/PE investor. The groups are led by incoming investment banking summer analysts & analysts across a range of bulge bracket, elite boutique, and middle market banks.

Unlike other finance newsletters, this will not just simply mention or briefly summarize deals and news but will link to decks that include in depth analysis on a given topic. As this is the first issuance, we’ll be covering three sectors: 1.) Media & Entertainment, 2.) , and 3.) Healthcare. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition and look forward to bringing you monthly updates moving forward. Enjoy!

Jagger Lambert lambertjagger@gmail.com
James Concepcion jamesconcepcion217@gmail.com


  • Neuralink, the brain-chip startup founded by Elon Musk, successfully implanted its first chip in a human patient, marking a significant milestone. The patient is reported to be recovering well from the procedure.
  • The FDA has cleared DermaSensor, an AI-powered handheld device for detecting three common skin cancers, showcasing a 96% sensitivity rate in clinical tests. This technology represents a significant leap in non-invasive skin cancer diagnostics, aiming to improve early detection and treatment outcomes.
  • OpenAI introduced GPT Mentions, enabling users to summon custom GPT models within conversations, akin to tagging on social media. This feature enhances AI interactions, making them more integrated and versatile.
  • OpenAI unveiled the highly anticipated GPT Store, introducing customizable AI chatbots to users of ChatGPT Plus, Enterprise, and Team. The GPT Store is designed to enhance the practicality and accessibility of AI
  • The spread of AI-generated explicit images of Taylor Swift on X prompted a temporary search block, raising concerns over digital sexual harassment and the urgent need for stricter deepfake regulations. This event underscores the critical need for social media platforms to address the harmful misuse of technology
  • Sam Altman is reportedly negotiating with investors, including G42 and SoftBank, to raise $8 to $10 billion for establishing a global network of AI chip factories, aiming to address the expected shortfall in AI chip production. This effort is part of a broader initiative to enhance semiconductor manufacturing capacity amid growing concerns over potential shortages
  • Google Bard now includes AI image generation capabilities, catching up with competitors like ChatGPT and Bing. This update leverages Google’s advanced Gemini AI for creating images from text prompts, enhancing Bard’s functionality in the competitive AI landscape
  • Volkswagen is set to add ChatGPT to its vehicles in Europe from the second quarter of 2024, initially including models like the ID.7, Tiguan, and Golf. The integration, leveraging OpenAI’s technology through Cerence’s Chat Pro product, aims to enhance vehicle interaction by allowing drivers to use voice commands for a range of functions
M&A and Investments
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise has announced its acquisition of networking gear vendor Juniper Networks for approximately $14 billion, translating to $40 per share in an all-cash transaction. The deal is anticipated to be finalized in late 2024 or early 2025, as stated by HPE in an official release (See more details in deck!)
  • Synopsys Acquires Ansys for $35 Billion. Synopsys aims to boost its chip design and simulation offerings by merging with Ansys, targeting advanced silicon to systems solutions
  • Roper Technologies Acquires Procare Solutions for $1.75 Billion. Roper Technologies has bolstered its educational technology portfolio by acquiring Procare Solutions, underlining its strategy to invest in specialized markets with steady revenue streams
  • Specialty Networks Sold to Cardinal Health for $1.2 Billion. Cardinal Health has expanded its healthcare technology capabilities by acquiring Specialty Networks, highlighting the crucial role of IT solutions in enhancing healthcare outcomes
  • LiveRamp Acquires Habu for $200 Million. LiveRamp’s acquisition of Habu, a data clean room software provider, underscores the increasing importance of data privacy and secure collaboration technologies in today’s digital landscape
  • Investors suggest Reddit aims for $5 billion valuation in preparation for its upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO). With confidence in the platform’s growth potential, Reddit is reportedly considering launching its long-awaited IPO this March, although timing and a potential valuation are yet to be confirmed
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