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Technology – Nov/Dec. ’23 Recap

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January 5, 2024

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We are excited to release the third issue of our monthly newsletter Sector Spotlight

This is a comprehensive newsletter coupled with decks for the current or aspiring investment banker/PE investor, diving deep into the qualitative and quantitative nature of transactions, businesses, and trends across sectors, from the POV of an investment banker/PE investor. The groups are led by incoming investment banking summer analysts & analysts across a range of bulge bracket, elite boutique, and middle market banks.

Unlike other finance newsletters, this will not just simply mention or briefly summarize deals and news but will link to decks that include in depth analysis on a given topic. As this is the first issuance, we’ll be covering three sectors: 1.) Media & Entertainment, 2.) , and 3.) Healthcare. We hope you enjoy this month’s edition and look forward to bringing you monthly updates moving forward. Enjoy!

Jagger Lambert lambertjagger@gmail.com
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  • OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman is pursuing further investment from Microsoft to advance towards creating artificial general intelligence, leveraging the strong partnership with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to support this ambitious goal.
  • Marking its first anniversary, ChatGPT celebrates a transformative year in AI, becoming a household name and significantly influencing various sectors, signaling the vast potential for future AI developments
  • OpenAI’s latest update to ChatGPT introduces a feature for creating custom GPT models, allowing users to personalize the AI’s language and response style for various applications, thereby democratizing AI access and enhancing user experiences
  • Tesla’s Cybertruck, launched at a starting price of $60,990 and reaching up to $99,990 for higher variants, is set for release in 2025, positioning it as a competitor to electric pickups like Ford’s F150 Lightning and Rivian’s R1T
  • Under CEO Koji Sato, Toyota is intensifying its electric vehicle efforts with new technologies and manufacturing processes, including advancements in solid-state batteries, targeting the release of next-generation models by 2026 
  • On November 22, 2023, Blackstone entered into a “definitive” agreement to purchase Civica, a leading public sector software provider for $2.5 Billion. Civica is a UK based software company that offers software solutions for federal governments all the way to small local governments.
  • Vencora has bought Crealogix, a banking software solutions provider, for $95 million in an all-cash tender offer for all publicly held registered shares of CREALOGIX for $60 a share. Announced via press release on November 16, 2023, Crealogix’s vertical market software made it a great fit for Vencora
  • Volvo Group has purchased Proterra’s battery unit for $210 million during Proterra’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy, acquiring a development center and assembly factory to enhance its EV strategy. Expected to close in early 2024, this acquisition marks Volvo’s strategic move into the EV market, capitalizing on Proterra’s advanced battery technology amidst rising demand for sustainable transport
  • Ardian has acquired Verne Global, a prominent data center operator, from Digital 9 Infrastructure for $575 million, adding data centers in the UK, Iceland, and Finland to its digital infrastructure portfolio. The deal, which is expected to finalize by Q1 2024 and is subject to regulatory approvals, signifies Ardian’s expansion in the Nordics and the growing focus on sustainable, high-capacity data center solutions in the industry
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