Transfer Student Interviews

Check out how these transfer students were able to change schools halfway through college and still break into investment banking despite being late to recruiting

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Rukhsar (Baruch College)

Low Income First Generation College Student Landed Multiple Top Tier Offers

Our student Rukhsar is a first generation college student from a low income family. She initially attended community college to save money but transferred to Baruch as early as she could just to recruit for IB. During COVID, her dad lost his job so she ended up working two jobs totaling 70 hours a week to help pay the bills. Despite all of these obstacles, she persevered and secured three top offers including UBS and Jefferies.

Takashi (Cornell)
Came In With Zero Background in Finance and Secured BofA Tokyo Offer

Our student Takashi is someone who didn't have any background, resources, or information in investment banking. Despite this, he leveraged Wall Street Mastermind's help to secure an investment banking offer from Bank of America in the Tokyo office. Hear him talk about the difference between recruiting in the US and Asia, and why WSMM's program can help you no matter which office you recruit for.

Robert (Villanova)

Landed a Bulge Bracket as a Non-Target Student With No Finance Experience

Our student Robert came to us late sophomore year. As a non-target school student with no finance experience on his resume, he was very behind in the recruiting process. With a lot of hard work and the proper guidance though, he turned things around in just 6 short months. Hear how he used WSMM to help him land a junior summer internship offer from a bulge bracket bank despite everything working against him.

Vivian (Maryland)

Landed a Sophomore Internship at Bank of America From a Non-Target School

Our student Vivian joined WSMM during her freshman summer, after struggling to formulate her behavioral answers and learn the technical concepts on her own. Coming from a non-target school, she knew that she had to get a head start if she wanted to break into investment banking. Hear her talk about what WSMM did to help her break into Bank of America's sophomore investment banking summer internship.

Heejune (Berkeley)

Went From Being a Transfer Student to Breaking Into Investment Banking

Our student Heejune transferred from UC Riverside to UC Berkeley as a junior after he realized he wanted to pursue investment banking. However, once he arrived at Berkeley he realized how behind he was as a junior, especially given the accelerated investment banking recruiting timeline. Hear him talk about how he used WSMM to accelerate his preparation process, and ultimately land an offer at Cowen.

Nathaniel (Notre Dame)
Went From No Finance Internship on His Resume to a Growth Equity Offer

Our student Nathaniel was a transfer student who didn't know about investment banking until late sophomore year. Knowing he was being the curve, he decided to get 1:1 help from WSMM. Within his first month, he immediately secured an internship at a small private equity firm to boost his resume. Hear how he eventually leveraged that to break into growth equity directly without doing investment banking first.

Kyle (Berkeley Haas)

Went From Community College Transfer to Getting Into Banking at the Last Minute

Our student Kyle started school at a community college, but then transferred to UC Berkeley junior year. He thought his life was set, until senior year when he realized he wanted to become an investment banker. Now only was he extremely late to the game, most of his competition had been preparing since freshman year. Hear how he beat the odds with WSMM’s help, despite his extremely late start in the recruiting process.

Sandalina (Berkeley)
Community College Transfer Who Proved Doubters Wrong and Broke Into IB

Our student Sandalina was a community college transfer who wanted to break into investment banking. Despite many people telling her that it would be impossible, it wasn't her personality to give up easily. Hear how she learned what she needed from WSMM in the shortest amount of time possible, and ultimately became one of four students to receive an offer from her bank out of over 400 applicants.

Travis (Texas A&M)
CC Transfer, 3.3 GPA and Started Recruiting 3 Months Before Graduating

Our student Travis came to us in late February of senior year, three months before graduation. He was a community college transfer at a non-target school, did not have a junior summer internship or much relevant internship experience, and only had a 3.3 GPA. Hear him talk about how he overcame all of these obstacles to break into a local boutique investment bank.